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6 Obvious Signs You Can Do Way Better Than Him

6 Obvious Signs You Can Do Way Better Than Him

Maybe you are not thinking about finding someone new because you got used to the one you have next to you.

You’re okay with his mistreatment, and just because you love him, you hope it will get better.

You believe you won’t be able to find someone new in case he leaves you, so you walk on eggshells when you are with him.

You do everything in your power to keep the peace in your home, paying for it with your tears. You do so many things for him.

You sacrifice yourself, and you don’t even think about moving on.

You feel like you are losing control and you don’t know how much longer you will be able to endure all that pain that is inside you.

STOP! Take a deep breath, and calm down. You were not born to suffer.

Love isn’t something that should hurt you, but something that should make you feel good.

If you don’t feel that way about your relationship, it is obviously time to move on.

Just sit down and think for a second about your partner. When you look at him better, you will see that he is not the same man you once fell for.

He’s changed—and for the worse.  When you compare yourself with him, the gap between the two of you is enormous.

You are all that one man could only wish for, but on the other hand, he is just an average guy who doesn’t know how to appreciate what he has.

So, don’t think that you can’t do better than him because I am telling you that you can.

And here are some obvious signs to convince you that you should move on and make a perfect life for yourself.

1. He takes you for granted

If you are living with a man who is taking you for granted after all that you have done for him, it is a sign that you definitely deserve better.

If you are giving everything for your relationship to work out and he puts zero effort into it, then you should leave him.

A man like that doesn’t deserve you, and you should stay away from him.

You can try to ask him to change, but if he doesn’t accept it, there is no point in staying with someone who can’t make you happy.

Just know that you deserve a better man than him and that the right person will show up when you least expect them.

2. He doesn’t give you credit for the good things you did

If you are in a relationship with a man who barely does anything good but who never gives you credit for the good things you did, it is time to give up on him.

Partners should appreciate each other and make each other feel good.

But if you feel nervous and bad every time he enters the room, it is a sign that you should move on.

Perhaps he changed, and he doesn’t want to behave like before for some reason.

You can try to put up with a situation like this for some time, but you will get tired eventually.

When you realize that you are living with someone who just uses you and gives nothing in return, you will just wish to be as far away from him as you can.

3. He doesn’t listen to you

If you are engaged in a relationship with a man who doesn’t put some effort to listen to what you have to say, you should think twice if he is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

The point of being in a relationship is to actually listen to that person and have open communication with them.

But if you feel like your partner asks you something only when he needs your help, you should seriously talk to him.

That is not a relationship you deserve, and it is surely not one that will make you feel satisfied.

You should have a man who will listen to all that you have to say, who will help you decide when you don’t know what to do, and who will be your support no matter what you decide to do.

4. All your friends told you that you are way better than him

Maybe it is hard to listen to your gut, but if your friends tell you that he is not the right man for you and that you are way better than him, it must be some sign.

Maybe they are not so attached to him like you are, and it is easier for them to see his real face.

They probably see his behavior toward you, and they don’t like it.

While you are making excuses for him, he still treats you poorly, and you don’t feel good when you are in his company.

If that is the case, then it is really about time to tell him all that lies on your heart.

Let him know that you are not planning to stay with someone who treats you like shit.

Maybe you need to do something about it to make him take you seriously once and for all.

5. He is lazy

He is lazy both in his private and business life. He doesn’t want to improve in business because he knows that you are the one who will take care of the kids and him if he doesn’t have enough money.

Also, in his private life, he acts like a hotel guest who makes a mess in the house and expects you to clean up after him. In other words, he’s a real hustler

He doesn’t even ask you if you can handle it all or if you are tired.

He only takes care of himself and his needs. To him, you are just a slave who needs to fulfill his wishes and make him feel good.

But you should know that this kind of treatment is not normal in a healthy relationship. It is called slavery.

It is not healthy, so you should pack your bags and leave that spoiled brat to take care of himself.

I just wonder how much he will endure until he calls you to come back.

6. He doesn’t get it that he is one lucky motherfucker to have you in his life

A man who doesn’t see your worth will never know what you are capable of. He will always put you down instead of giving you wings.

He will tell you that you can’t do something properly just to make himself feel good.

He doesn’t get it that every other woman would kick him out of her life if she was in your place.

He thinks he is a real man and that women adore him while in fact, he is just an asshole who takes for granted the only woman who loves him unconditionally.

That’s why you should finally open your eyes, and leave him. Leave him so you can be free, cheerful and finally be yourself.

Leave him because that is the only way to start a new chapter of your life—the one in which you will be chased, loved, cherished, and respected.