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6 Reasons The Best Women Are Picky When It Comes To Men

6 Reasons The Best Women Are Picky When It Comes To Men

I have heard far too many times that women are too picky when it comes to men these days. But how wouldn’t we be? What if we decided to let every man that approaches us into our lives without being selective? Being picky isn’t something bad at all but rather a way to guard ourselves from toxic men, manipulators and overal men who aren’t able to love us properly. Why should we settle for someone who isn’t able to appreciate us the way we deserve? Let me tell you that the best women out there are the ones who are picky about men.

1. She is focused on her career

When a woman has a good career, her main focus is on that and she doesn’t want a man to interfere with her plans. If he does let a man in her world, it’s probably because he’s a catch. Knowing that you have a schedule to go through and that you’re too busy to actually pay enough attention to your relationship isn’t appealing because that means she isn’t going to give herself fully to the relationship and she’s an all or nothing person. She wants it all or she won’t even bother.

2. She wants someone who is worthy of her

A man who is worthy of a good woman is someone loyal, with a lot of confidence but at the same time a sweetheart. She deserves surprise dates and long conversations. A man is worthy of her only if he really puts her first and makes her a priority. She doesn’t want an ‘almost’ kind of man, but someone who gives it all because she’ll give herself fully, too. Someone who can’t get a hold of himself when other women are around and a man who doesn’t know how to text back simply isn’t worthy of her.

3. She went through a lot and it made her smarter

We’re probably dealing with a woman that went through a lot in her previous love life. She was deceived, lied to and felt unloved and unappreciated by men she made as her whole world. She was at the bottom and she gathered all her strength to get back on her feet again. That means she’s a strong and smart woman who can see even the little signs of an abuser in the eyes of a man. She knows how to recognize someone whose intentions are pure and that’s why she walks away.

4. She doesn’t need a man

We’ve learned by now that wanting and needing a man are completely different things. Wanting a man means that you’re completely happy with your life, just like the best women out there are. She doesn’t need a man to function well and she doesn’t need him to make her happy because there’s nothing he can give her that she isn’t able to provide for herself. She wants to come to the point in her life where she will want a man who impressed her and showed her that love is something wonderful.

5. She’s happy and confident

The best women out there are happy with their lives and confident in themselves. That’s exactly what makes them so picky—simply because they don’t want a man to come into their lives and ruin that perfection. If they really do decide to let a man in, it’s because they saw that it will be worth it, that their happiness will only increase and not decrease.

6. She intimidates men

For the most part, men are afraid of her. They didn’t expect a strong woman who knows her worth when they first came up to her. They expected a fragile flower with which they can do whatever they please. She might be a fragile flower but one that can take care of herself. For some reason, men think that they can provide us with something when in the end, we can do everything ourselves.