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The Non Sexual Things That Attract Him, Based On His Zodiac

The Non Sexual Things That Attract Him, Based On His Zodiac

You, as a woman, are usually more attracted to the things that go beyond the physical attraction of a man. He might be sexy as hell, but when he smiles, you melt. The way his eyes change their color when they’re in the direct sun and the way his voice sounds when he talks about something he’s passionate about. Well, those things really are super important, right?

But, what about the things that men are attracted to besides the sexual side of a woman? Be prepared to learn about the things that made you so attractive to your partner, depending on his zodiac sign. Aren’t you a bit curious?


Aries are very energetic and they want a partner who loves a great adventure, too. They are endlessly spontaneous and they simply want a woman who can go with the flow like they do.

If you take hours to get your makeup done, then for sure you aren’t someone an Aries would fall for, but if you are a go-getter who gets ready in a couple of minutes, then there’s no mistaking you would be a huge magnet for an Aries man.


A Taurus man searches for a loyal partner, someone who’s confident, but still gentle. A gentle touch that shows you’re really in love with him is what will make him shiver and fall in love with you for sure.

If you love slow bike rides while the sun is setting, then you will attract a Taurus sooner or later.


You never know what page you’re on with a Gemini. You never know which side of a Gemini you’ll get.

Sometimes they love to have fun and be goofy but at another time of the day, they are extremely serious. But when it comes to what attracts them to women, it’s always about someone who has a great sense of humor and can, at the same time, get things done.


Cancers love to feel cozy with their partner and they really do love a family kind of atmosphere.

If you jump up to clean the house because some guests are coming and if you are very close to your family and friends, a Cancer will know that you are loyal and it’s what attracts them the most. It’s the sexiest thing a woman can have in the eyes of a Cancer.


Leos love happiness and laughter. They somehow always find a sunnier side to every situation and that’s what they find attractive in their partners, too.

If a Leo man is attracted to you, you’ve probably made him smile a lot and you’re not someone who’s pessimistic.


Virgos are the caretakers of people. A Virgo man will look for empathy and reason in a woman and that’s what attracts him to her the most.

When he sees a woman who instead of going out with her friends chooses to take care of him because he’s sick, he’ll fall in love with her right away.


Libra men love harmony. If a girl looks for drama and constantly makes problems simply to keep it interesting, then there’s nothing attractive in her for a Libran.

If you are someone who can easily communicate problems without raising your voice, that will be the quality a Libra man will be attracted to the most.


A Scorpio man finds it sexy when a woman loves her own life. When a woman can fully be alive, enjoy every moment and show the world that she’s happy, that’s what a Scorpio man will cherish the most.

If you have a high zest for life and a passion for every day, you will attract a Scorpio man very soon.


Sagittarius are eager to explore the world and they want someone to come with them on these journeys. This man will look for the sexy adventurer who loves to climb mountains and hike on weird roads.

He finds it very attractive when a woman is interested in the world and doesn’t back down in front of obstacles.


Capricorn men are hard workers and they find a woman sexy the moment they see that she can keep up with their packed work schedule.

The most attractive quality a woman can have, in the eyes of a Capricorn, is her work ethic and her professionalism. He’ll get turned on the moment you start talking about meetings, schedules and to do lists.


Taking into consideration that Aquarius is an air sign who values intellect and communication, the biggest turn on for an Aquarian is when a woman can keep up with an intellectual discussion.

He doesn’t want a woman who puts effort and attention into her appearance as much as he wants a woman who’s dedicated to knowledge and her own mind.


Pisces are deeply emotional even when they don’t want to show it. A Pisces man finds it sexy when a woman knows that being vulnerable is a sign of strength rather than anything else.

He loves a woman who isn’t ashamed to show her feelings and her sensitive side because he knows that he can show his emotions without being judged.