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6 Reasons Why Cheating Makes Him A Loser

6 Reasons Why Cheating Makes Him A Loser

Being cheated on by someone you love is one of the most hurtful experiences you can have, and you should never think that you are the reason he did it in the first place. Cheating is an act of cowardice and selfishness because it is a matter of choice—not a mistake.

When he decides to cheat, he deliberately decides to hurt your feelings and betray your trust even though he knows that you would never do such thing to him. And that is what makes him an ultimate asshole and loser.

Losers betray and break womens’ hearts, but it takes a real man to treat them with respect and care. Losers decide to cheat when things get rough, but it takes a real man to be there for his woman no matter what.

If you need more convincing, here are 6 reasons why cheating makes him a loser

1. It’s never “a mistake”

Cheating on someone is not like going to the mall, buying yourself a pair of shoes and when you come home, realizing the mistake of doing it and wanting to return them because you don’t really like them or they are not fitting. Cheating on someone is never, ever a mistake. It is a choice, and making it makes you a total loser.

2. It destroys her ability to trust in future relationships

How selfish can you be to betray her trust and scar her for life by making her unable to trust anyone ever again in her future relationships? You don’t do that to those who are always there for you and who would do anything for you. Only losers dare to kill a good woman’s hope because they don’t care about anyone except themselves.

3. It’s cowardly

The moment you decided to cheat on her, it instantly turned you into a biggest coward in the whole, wide world because you could have chosen otherwise. You could have ended things first, but you didn’t! You could have spared her the pain, but you didn’t.

And do you know why? Because you were too greedy to have it all, and you were too immature to preserve what you have.

4. It’s egocentric and selfish on so many levels

You cheated on her only to appease your selfish instincts. The moment you decided to do it, you didn’t think about how it would make her feel which is the embodiment of a real loser.

Thinking only about yourself is egocentric as hell. Later, saying that you’re sorry for that and you don’t know why you did it is the lamest excuse ever. I’m sorry to tell you that some things are too painful to be be excused or forgotten just like that.

5. It proves you’re weak

It proves that your moves are weak just as your entire mindset. It proves you’re not as real a man as you might have thought. Cheating on someone means you can’t handle commitment because you’re too afraid of it.

You’re too afraid of being a real man who will fight for her or leave her alone because cheating is the lowest option on the scale. It’s easy to be with someone when things are going smoothly, but it takes a real man to handle various obstacles, and stay grounded and truthful.

6. It’s narcissistic

By cheating, you’re proving to yourself and others how narcissistic you actually are. You can’t devote yourself and give all of yourself to just one woman because it would be a shame if you didn’t widen your horizons and share yourself with the rest.

It is narcissistic in every sense, and you should question your inability to be a decent person. You see, choosing to be decent is not as hard as choosing to cheat, but somehow you’ve chosen to do so which makes you a complete, irreversible loser.