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Here’s Why Being Single On Valentine’s Day Is Actually The Best

Here’s Why Being Single On Valentine’s Day Is Actually The Best

When that dreaded February 14th comes creeping along and you find yourself single yet again, you start feeling this boiling pressure to find somebody to spend that day with.

There’s nothing worse than spending that particular day in the solitude of Singletown, right? WRONG!

As amazing as it is having a partner on that particular romantic date and basking in all of its glory, there are so many more advantages to being single!

Stop putting pressure on yourself to find somebody just because Valentine’s Day is approaching.

If you have to force it, it’s not going to feel right anyway.

Let nature take its course. If you do manage to find someone you really like with whom you can spend this day – awesome!

But if not, here are many fantastic positive sides to riding solo that will make you feel glad you’re single!

1. So much candy on sale that you can eat it all by yourself

When you’re with a partner on Valentine’s Day, you’re not going buy all that candy by yourself because you will feel that your SO should buy it for you on this special day, but when you’re single, it’s all the chocolate you can eat!

Not to mention, you get it for half the price, and you don’t have to pace yourself eating it.

You can pig out without a care in the world. You’re single, and you don’t give a crap who’s looking.

If there’s chocolate on sale – you’re getting it, and that’s that.

2. You can turn it into a Galentine’s Day, and spend it with your other single girlfriends

What’s better than Valentine’s Day you may ask? – Galentine’s Day!

Gather your favorite gals, and spend a super fun, chill night with each other, with zero pressure!

Order pizzas, bake a cake, binge watch Real Housewives and drink all the wine you can get your hands on!

I promise it’s going to be even more fun that spending it with a guy.

I’ve spend a few of my Valentine’s this way, and it was always a blast!

Forget about boys and enjoy some quality time with your girls, doing whatever the hell you want.

You can make it into a sleepover, but we all know there won’t be much sleeping.

It’s just too much fun to waste time on sleep when your girls are around, am I right?

See, Valentine’s Day can easily get you to feel bad about yourself if you’re single, but when you look at it this way, it’s literally just one day out of a whole year, and you get to eat so much candy for a fraction of its real price!

I’d say it’s a pretty sweet deal, and there’s certainly so much to love about it even when you’re single.

So, chin up, get your girls, prepare the wine, and have the best time with your favorite people!

3.  Think about all the money you’re going to save

I’m not saying that if you had someone you really cared about they wouldn’t be worth spending money on; clearly, they would!

All I’m saying is now that you’re actually single, you can appreciate the fact that your wallet finally isn’t going to suffer for a commercialized holiday designed to get money on account of love.

This way, you get to save it for something you really need!

And having extra cash is always a plus.

4. There’s no stress to plan a perfect day for your beloved partner

As nice as it is spending quality time with your partner, it’s really annoying having to plan this massive date that will outshine all your previous ones.

The pressure sometimes gets the best of you, and you don’t even know if they’re going to like it—not to mention the money you’d probably spend as I’ve already mentioned above.

This way, all that ceases to exist.

You do whatever the f*ck you want—no stress, no worries. Isn’t that awesome?

5. You can do whatever in the world you want to do

You don’t have to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant if you don’t feel like it.

You don’t have to spend the day on grand gestures that will prove to your partner how much you love him.

You can literally do whatever the f*ck you want!

You feel like staying in and having a rom-com marathon in your pajamas with a bottle of Rosé and a box of chocolates? You got it!

You want to go for a walk by yourself without having to be dressed to the nines for anyone – yes, please!

The day is yours to conquer.