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6 Reasons Why Your Mean Friend Is The Friend Who Cares The Most

6 Reasons Why Your Mean Friend Is The Friend Who Cares The Most

We all have that friend who’s brutally honest and frankly, sometimes it gets on our nerves. Sometimes their honesty is the last thing we want to hear.

But what we are not aware of is that the honesty our ‘mean’ friend lays on us is exactly what we need and have to hear at that moment.

No one needs a friend who agrees with everything you say. That is not a true friend, that is someone who wants to stay on your good side.

What every person on this planet needs is someone who will pull us back down to earth and stop us from doing stupid things.

A little tough love now and then is something all of us have to hear.

No one says it’s easy to have a friend like that because it’s not easy to hear something you don’t want to hear. Those ‘mean’ things your friend is going to say to you borderline on being completely rude and you can’t avoid getting hurt by it.

But don’t take it the wrong way because only your best friend is the one who will say everything right to your face. They will tell you the truth no matter how harsh it is.

This is why your mean friend is the best one you can have:

1. She will never let you drunk-text your ex

She knows it’s a huge mistake and even if you go ahead and do it, she will make you feel like shit. Firstly, she’ll tell you it’s a bad idea because you have to get over him.

But, of course, you won’t listen and you’ll get drunk and text him. Sure, since that person is your best friend, you will tell her all about it and she’ll lay some really harsh truth and tough love on you.

It’s not something you want to hear because you want to be encouraged but it’s something you have to hear and deep down you know it!

2. She will shit all over your crop top

You will go shopping with her and you’ll try it on. She’ll talk you out of it but you’ll go back and buy it anyway.

The thing is, you won’t hear the end of it. Every time you put it on, she will shit all over it once again. Listen to your friend, maybe that top was a truly risky buy.

3. She won’t hesitate to tell you how she feels about your new boyfriend

You are her person. You are her best friend. She is not being jealous and she doesn’t envy you about your new relationship. She just acts the way she feels.

And if she is not positively sure about your new boyfriend, she will say that to you without hesitation. She is only looking out for your best interests. She is only trying to save you from a potential heartbreak.

She is not being mean in a bad way. She is just being honest because she cares for you.

4. She’ll talk you out of cutting bangs

You had them a few years ago and they did not look good on you. She’ll say it right to your face. And what’s even more important, she’ll remind you that you hated bangs and you couldn’t wait for them to grow out.

You forgot all of that and you’re in a phase where you want to change something, so the first thing you want to do that is not so extreme is change your hair a bit.

If she loves you and if you looked terrible with bangs, she will try to stop you from cutting them.

5. She’ll tell you to go to the gym

If she notices that you got lazy and that you went up a size, she’ll tell you to lay off the sweets and junk food and get your ass to the gym.

Now, isn’t that something only a true friend would do? Others would keep their mouths shut and let you gain weight just so as to not hurt your feelings but she will say everything straight up and you’ll thank her later.

6. She’ll tell you to stop whining over your ex

She’ll tell you to get over him and stop acting broken and move on with your life. She won’t walk around on eggshells trying not to say something that’ll hurt you.

She knows that you are a big girl and she knows how much you’re worthy, so she’ll try to snap you out of it and get you to forget about his sorry ass.

That’s love!