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6 Crucial Things He Does That Show You Can Trust Him Completely

6 Crucial Things He Does That Show You Can Trust Him Completely

Nowadays, it’s anything but easy to truly trust someone. There are men out there who lie as soon as they open their mouth.

The dating scene is full of all sorts of players, manipulators, fuckboys and cheaters who make us think that’s all there is out there.

However, there are still some good and honest men out there who deserve our trust. We can recognize them easily by paying attention to the things they do:

1. He doesn’t hide his phone from you

When a man is up to something, his phone will be his first giveaway. He will never open texts or use his social media accounts near you, he will never leave his phone unsupervised and leave the room.

On the other hand, if he is honest, he will have no problem with any of that. He probably has nothing to hide.

2. He has the need to tell you about his day

No matter whether something major happened or it was just one of those days where he did what he usually does, he will have the need to tell you all about it.

He wants to share things with you and he has nothing to hide. His words will flow and you will hear nothing that arouses your suspicions.

3. He shares his thoughts and feelings with you

He talks openly and honestly about everything that’s bothering him or on the other hand, he can’t wait to tell you when something good happens.

The sole fact that he confides in you and gives you insights into his life and mind is positive and inspires trust.

Being open and vulnerable is not easy for most men and if he’s ready to escape his comfort zone for you, that’s a good indicator that he can be trusted.

4. He is able to admit his mistakes

He stands behind everything he does, no matter how bad it might look. He knows he is not perfect and he is always ready to apologize and to try and make amends if he knows he is guilty of something.

More importantly, he would never play the victim and pass the blame onto you.

5. He does his best to soothe your mind

We all have our days when insecurities drop by and provoke our jealousy. We might question him and doubt his words for no good reason.

If he is trustworthy, he won’t flip into defensive mode. He will try to explain and do his best to make you calm and restore harmony, even though he knows he doesn’t have to; after all, he has done nothing wrong.

6. If you need his attention, he will never deny you

If you say you need to tell him something important, he will be all ears. He will put down his phone and stop everything he is doing, look you in the eyes and redirect his focus onto you.

In case he is busy, he will explain and call, text or come over as soon as he can. You are important and his actions will prove it.