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6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Let Your Ex Crawl Back Into Your Life

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Let Your Ex Crawl Back Into Your Life

Here he comes again: your ex. He’s begging you to take him back, telling you he made a mistake and that he will change.

He probably says how he can’t live without you or how hard it is to fall asleep at night without you by his side.

Those things might be true but let me tell you this: never let your ex crawl back into your life!

He will only make a mess and nothing good can come out of it. If you’re really considering taking him back again, read this first:

1. He had his chance

You gave him a chance to prove that he was worthy of you. What did he do? Betray you? Made you feel unloved and unappreciated? He made you believe that it was your fault and you were lying in your bed for days crying your eyes out because he broke your heart?

Do you really think that it’s that easy for someone to change and become a better person? Do you think that he will start loving you out of the blue? Or is he just scared that you might move on without him?

2. You are headed toward the same end result

What happens most of the time is that you simply aren’t right for each other and that will remain the same. It doesn’t just change over a short period of time.

You need to know that taking your ex back means that you’re settling for the same problems again and I wouldn’t say that that’s a smart idea. You will split up again and he will break your heart again. He simply isn’t worth it.

3. He’s just desperate

The thing with men who crawl back into our life is that they are not really in love with us but with the way we make them feel. We take care of them, we’re always the one who run to make them feel better if they’re sick and we never look for something in return—which is a mistake.

But men get desperate when they leave us and see that no one else will be there for them the way we were and they come crawling back. Do you really want someone like that?

4. He’s not worth it

If he really did love you, he would have made you feel loved and appreciated the first time. You were worthy of affection and attention but he wasn’t able to give you that. So, is he really worthy of you?

Is he worth the tears and the broken heart you’ll endure after your relationship falls out of control again? No, I wouldn’t say so.

5. You will always remember the break-up

If you start again, you’ll see that the previous break-up will be at the back of your mind, always mocking you and it won’t give you the relaxed feeling you should have in a relationship in order for it to work out properly.

You will always remember those tears that wouldn’t stop flowing and you will always remember his back while he got farther away from you with every step he took. Do you really need those flashbacks?

6. Critical relationships lead to unhappy marriages

If your relationship is constantly led by the thought of a break-up, even if you do get married there’s no way that the marriage will function properly. You will split up again and you can’t escape your fate.

The worst part about it is that in marriage you’ll have kids who’ll listen to you fighting as well. Don’t let them experience that. Your kids deserve tender love and not harsh words.