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6 Signs He’s Faking Love Just To Sleep With You

6 Signs He’s Faking Love Just To Sleep With You

It’s simple – sometimes guys will do anything to get into your pants.

So, it’s up to you to tell if he’s being real or he just wants to sleep with you. It can get really difficult to understand that a guy is faking his love because he does everything that you would expect your lover to do.

He talks well, makes you laugh and surprises you all the time. This makes you believe that he loves you for who you really are.

Sadly, though, his love is not true, because men are masters of faking their love for you, only for the sole purpose of getting into your pants.

Remember that not all men are the same, but you have to be on the lookout all the time for the ones who will manipulate, trick and lie to you, just because they want some action.

Below are 6 signs of how to spot a guy who is faking his love just to sleep with you.

 He does not spend time with you

worried woman standing by the wall

Unless it’s for sex, of course. This is the first and most obvious sign of all. He never makes any effort to spend more time with you.

Even when you two are on a date, and the only thing you want to do is to talk to him, to have a good conversation and to find out more about him, he does not seem to pay much attention to what you’re saying.

He is always in a rush to get to the bedroom and awaits that moment impatiently.

He never takes you on real dates

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It’s always you who has to plan the dates. And more often than not he will refuse to come if he is not guaranteed to end up in bed with you later that night.

He will not wine and dine you without being sure he’s going to score.

A guy who is serious about you will take you out on real dates. He will take you to dinner, lunch and not only call for a drink at 9pm.

Think about this and if you notice that the guy you’re dating has never taken you on a real date, you might want to consider not wasting your time with him anymore.

He is not integrating you into his social circles

male friends hanging around

He is not interested in a real relationship with you, so there is no need for you to meet his friends anyway.

A guy who is serious about you will be proud to introduce you to everyone you two come across.

If your guy always introduces you as just a friend or doesn’t introduce you at all, then it’s an obvious sign that he couldn’t care less about you.

You’re just a hookup he’d rather keep in the dark.

You’re not involved in his social media life

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In today’s world, what people see on social media is a fairly good representation of them in the real world.

People share everything, from what they are eating or drinking, where they are and who they’re with.

If you are never a part of that then that’s a blunt way of saying he doesn’t really want other people to know about you.

Don’t get caught in his lies and excuses why you two are not even friends on Facebook; accept the reality that he is not really that into you.

He never calls you during the day

worried young woman looking at phone

If he always calls you at night and with the only intention for you to come over, then he is not really in love with you – he only wants your body.

A caring boyfriend will call you all the time, and often just to check on you, because he genuinely cares if you had lunch or if you got tired of work.

The guy who calls you only on the weekend or late at night is not for you unless you just want to be a hookup; then it’s fine, so keep seeing him after dark.

But if you want a real relationship, real love, and real feelings in your life, it’s time you give up on him.

Alcohol is always involved

man flirting with woman in the pub

He will take you only to places where they serve alcohol because he knows you will get more vulnerable, and if you’re vulnerable it’s easier for him to take you to bed.

If you notice that whenever you two meet up, alcohol is involved, realize that it’s a red flag and take it for what it is – a sign he isn’t interested in you other than hooking up.

There is nothing wrong with getting intimate with your partner.

In fact, it’s a very natural thing to do, but if sex is the only thing on your boyfriend’s mind, then you must find out whether he really loves you or he just wants to sleep with you.

6 Signs He’s Faking Love Just To Sleep With You