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A List Of All The Things You Deserve

A List Of All The Things You Deserve

We forget what we deserve more often than not.

We get stuck in poor friendships, in an abusive and toxic relationship and in a horrible job that makes us come home every day wishing that it would all just stop.

You feel drained and like your life is falling apart. The ability to change it simply isn’t within your reach (or at least that’s what you think).

Instead of chasing all the things you’re passionate about, you get stuck in a rut. And what happens?

You think that what you have is enough because otherwise you’ll look selfish or people might tell you that you’re ungrateful.

You convince yourself that it’s OK that you’ve thrown your dream life into the trash, thinking that it’s nothing more than a fantasy.

But it’s not the truth. You deserve so much more.

You deserve happiness.

First and foremost, you deserve to be happy. Happiness is something individual and more often than not, we tend to forget to take care of our own happiness because we want the people around us to be happier.

How about we start with the happiness we have within, the happiness that keeps us alive? That’s the happiness we need to focus on the most.

You deserve a fulfilling life.

A life full of adventure and excitement. A life where enthusiasm rules. You deserve a life that’s blossoming with love! A life where you know that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

You deserve to have everything that will make you a better person and everything that can help you strive for your dreams.

You deserve love.

You don’t deserve to be broken, abused and scared. You deserve a love that’s faithful, a love that heals and makes you remember what security feels like.

You deserve that undying kind of love. A love that doesn’t fade over time and a love that lasts. You deserve someone who’ll stay by your side and help you conquer life. You deserve that movie kind of love.

You deserve to love yourself.

You deserve to be proud of yourself and who you are. Go and look in the mirror and laugh because you couldn’t see how amazing you are.

Look at your body! You have such a unique body, because no one else in the world has it but you. Love your body and treat it with care.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your body is not good enough, or that you aren’t good enough.

You deserve to shut your inner critic up and to replace it with the serenity of love.

You deserve to heal.

You deserve to stand up in the morning and start doing whatever it is that you need in order to heal. You deserve to have people around you who will support you and people who won’t tell you that you will never change.

Change is the best thing that can happen to a broken soul and you need to embrace it. Heal and start seeing the world from a whole new perspective.

Throw out all those people who caused you pain because they don’t deserve you. You deserve to heal.

You deserve a job that you’re passionate about.

You deserve a job that doesn’t feel like work because you love doing it so much. You deserve to go to your fulfilling job every single day with a smile and never again question if that’s what you want to do for the rest of your life.

You deserve a job that allows you to show your talent, your love for the world, your vision and your dedication to making a change. You don’t deserve to be stuck in a job without meaning.

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You deserve everything.

You deserve everything you set your mind to, without exception. You deserve all the things and people you love.

You deserve all the happiness you can find in this world and not be overwhelmed with people’s comments. Just be yourself.