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6 Signs You’re Emotionally Drained And How To Deal With It

6 Signs You’re Emotionally Drained And How To Deal With It

In our life, we face many ups and downs, sometimes even on a daily basis. We work every single day to make our life beautiful, even though our body is tired our soul is never fired up. So, what happens when our soul is tired, exhausted and drained?

When we are emotionally and mentally exhausted and drained, what happens is that we feel it all over our body.

Have you been able to feel the exhaustion going deep into your bones lately? You have come to realize that your whole behavior is changing and you have no explanation why?

If that is the case, you should be looking out for these signs that show that you are actually emotionally drained and that you need to act immediately. Why? Because this is no joke.

1. You can’t sleep well

No matter how tired you are, no matter how exhausted you feel, no matter how much you want to sleep—you can’t! Your head is spinning and the ceiling seems like it’s becoming more blurry by the minute but still, even though your eyes feel so heavy, your brain simply refuses to shut up!

Your brain is full of thoughts about people and situations that make you anxious and it sounds like buzzing flies in your head.

One great thing to do is take a hot shower before going to bed, to really relax your muscles. Drink hot milk before bed because calcium is good for relaxation and put on a guided meditation for deep sleep.

2. You have poor health

Being emotionally drained really does give your body a huge beating. Which means that this can also affect your immune system to the point where you get sick very easily.

You might be feeling constantly tired and there are days when your bones hurt to the point that you can’t even get out of bed.

Give yourself all the rest you need, until your body feels fine again. Eat well and rest. Even if it means saying ‘no’ to important meetings and so on. Your body needs some love right now.

3. You are easily irritated

When your day is not going well and you’re surrounded by people who do not know how to talk to you properly without being toxic a-holes, it’s OK to be irritated.

But if you’re getting irritated by even the slightest comments, that wouldn’t set you off that easily on a normal day, then you should watch out for these triggering situations.

What irritates you the most? What makes you this angry? Work on this and find out what is happening within you and if needed, take a break from all these people. You can’t be a good friend nor a good employee if you start breaking stuff at one point.

4. You have no motivation

All the things that made you happy just days ago are now just necessities more than pleasures to you. You loved your workspace, you loved the people surrounding you, you loved to help everyone, but now?


That is why you have to write down all your motivations, from when you started your job, when you started your relationship. What is different now? Can you change that?

Remember that your own health is so much more important than a great job or a good relationship. If your health is damaged, maybe it is time to leave?

5. You feel more anxious than usual

A huge sign of emotional exhaustion is that you are more anxious than usual. Everything upsets you, your brain doesn’t want to shut up, so your thoughts are running wild.

You get such anxiety attacks that you also cry very easily these days. Crying seems like something usual now.

If this is the case and if you feel your anxiety is getting worse, make sure that your feet are touching the ground, take deep breaths in and know that whatever is happening is just in your head.

Sometimes even those same guided meditations work!

6. Nothing brings you joy

What is life if we can’t enjoy it? You feel so emotionally drained that your happiness is nowhere to be found. You smile on very rare occasions.

Have some people even come up to you, telling you that you look drained and exhausted and they kept on asking if you were fine?

Instead of falling into this abyss, how about you get yourself out of there? While you’re resting your body and recharging your batteries, remember what made you happy.

Remember all those ‘little’ things that kept you so happy and joyful before. Make a list of those things, buy things and go to places that will contribute to your happiness.