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6 Things Guys Think We Do For Them (But We Totally Don’t)

6 Things Guys Think We Do For Them (But We Totally Don’t)

Wearing high heels, perfume (even if we only go to the store), keeping our makeup on point and things like this are not something we do for you. We do it for ourselves because doing something nice for ourselves and enjoying it feels totally awesome.

So, don’t think we would go out of our way only to appease your greedy eyes and secret fantasies. We don’t wear yoga pants because of you. We wear them because they are comfy as hell, and it feels good to wear them.

And we’re sorry to tell you that being comfortable in our skins is more important than what you’re going to think of us. But, don’t get us wrong. Your opinion matters to us but not that much as you might have thought.

1. We take special care of our hair and makeup

Our hair is something holy to us, and we’ve always taken special care of it. We continue taking special care of it for us, and not for you.

It takes a lot of knowledge and skill when it comes to making our hair look nice and wearing classy makeup, and it just feels good when we discover that secret formula.

We, as women, have a different mindset when it comes to making ourselves pretty. While 99% of time you’re making yourself look good only to get into our pants, you need to know that our motives are a little bit different than yours.

2. We dress for ourselves and not to seduce you

When it comes to dressing, we don’t wear skirts, dresses, or other clothes that accentuate our curves only to seduce you. We wear them for of two reasons. The first reason is comfort, and the second is because we have the urge to express ourselves.

Contrary to you, we have a different sense of fashion, and we’re devoted to it for different reasons. We dress according to our moods, emotional state, time of the month and the availability of clean laundry. And no, we don’t choose not to wear a bra so that you can stare at our nipples.

3. Wearing lingerie is not only reserved for your eyes

We don’t wear lingerie only when we’re about to have some action. We also wear it on a daily basis! Surprise! It is our feminine secret, and wearing it makes us feel like goddesses.

So, don’t think that we’re buying it only to get you to drool. We’re buying it because it makes US feel sexy for US. It makes us feel good in our skin, and no matter what mood we’re in, it’s something that always makes our day.

Wearing lingerie is not only reserved for your pleasure. It is something we do for our pleasure as well, and it’s our secret weapon that makes us feel confident.

4. We don’t go to the gym so that you can stare at us

Nope! We don’t go to the gym so that you can stare at us while we’re doing squats. Our priorities are far different from that. We go because we want to do something good for ourselves. We go because we take care of our bodies, health and well-being.

And, believe us, it has nothing to do with us making a show for you out there. While to you this might look like we’re trying hard to entertain you, to us it looks like we’re trying hard to maintain our health and feeling good vibe.

5. Being nice to you doesn’t mean we’re instantly into you

When we’re being all nice to you, please, do us a favor, and don’t think that we’ve instantly fallen for you. And for God’s sake, when has being nice become something we should be ashamed of only because you could imagine things in your head?

We’re being nice because we’re being nice to everyone, and not just to you. We’re being nice to taxi drivers, hairdressers, waitress, our boss, colleagues, you name it.

And why in the world would you think that if we’re being nice to you, this must mean we’re instantly into you? Next time you think this, think again.

6. We don’t have sex with you only to appease you

Sex is not something that is invented only for your pleasure, and we’re certainly not doing it only to appease you. We’re doing it because we want to and because it feels good.

We’re doing it for our own pleasure just as you’re doing it for yours. Those times when women were treated like subordinates have passed. We’re no longer ashamed of our sexuality, and we’re free to explore.

And if we choose to have sex with you, it is because we’ve decided that we want to and not because we’re head over heels for you, and we want to do anything to appease you.