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6 Things To Remember If You’ve Fallen In Love With An Introvert

6 Things To Remember If You’ve Fallen In Love With An Introvert

Beside their shyness and the way they love cats more than people, introverts have so many more loveable traits about themselves. They are the thinkers, the people who you go to relax and talk about your day. You fall in love with every single aspect of your introvert. But, if you’re from the other side, an extrovert, you might not understand your partner to the fullest. You don’t understand the way he needs his alone time or the way he doesn’t want to come to parties because of the amount of anxiety he feels. If you’re ready to learn more about your partner and the way he thinks, I, as an introvert, feel more than ready to share some tips with you on things you need to remember while being in a relationship with an introvert:

1. He needs his alone time like breathing

It’s essential for him to stay alive! As brutal as it might sound, it’s the truth. It’s nothing personal if he simply doesn’t want to go out with you. It won’t mean that he doesn’t like you or something in that manner. It simply means that he has had enough of communication with people for the day and that he needs to recharge his batteries.

2. He’s very introspective

He thinks a lot. He will spend his whole day in his head, thinking about the meaning of life and the way he feels about certain topics. It will look like he doesn’t want to talk to you, but actually, he needs to think about everything in detail. Don’t worry.

3. He’s a great listener

If you have a problem, go to him—always! He will sit down with you and listen to whatever you have to tell him without interruption. He will even do his best to give you proper advice on what to do regarding your problems and he will always help you if he can. Also, never worry whether he’s going to tell his friends about your problems—your secrets are safe with him.

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4. He does wish he was an extrovert

This doesn’t always happen, but when it does, the desire is very strong. He might think about how life would be easier if he had enough energy to be in a large group for hours without getting the urge to leave the place right away. He wants to go out with your friends and family without being so quiet. He might even feel insecure about how introverted he is and he might think that you’re not happy with him because of this. Reassure him that you love him just the way he is. That will help him a lot.

5. He has fewer but deeper talks with people

He might not have a large group of friends but he definitely knows his friends and the way they think, what their philosophy of life is and so on. He doesn’t need a large group of people around him to make him feel special. All he needs are deep conversations with his close friends and with you.

6. He will be intimate with you in a non-sexual way

He will prove to you that intimacy is much much more than just the act of sex. You will meet a new side of him by asking the right questions and you will feel much more vulnerable this way, because he will make you remember the parts of you that you have buried in yourself for quite some time. Open up to him and nothing will make him happier than that level of intimacy.