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8 Types Of Sex Guys Will Only Have With Girls They Don’t Give A Damn About

8 Types Of Sex Guys Will Only Have With Girls They Don’t Give A Damn About

Let’s face it ladies—sex is an amazing thing. But there is a line between having sex and making love.

When you have sex, you can do it with the first guy you meet at a bar and when you are making love, there are some emotions involved. So, how to see if a man is just hooking up with you or if he does that because he loves you?

Here are some types of sex that prove he is just a dick who seeks only one thing and that he will leave as soon as he gets what he wants.

1. There isn’t any eye contact

When two people make love they will look into each other’s eyes a lot.

Even the strongest alpha male will do that once during intercourse but if you see that your guy didn’t look into your eyes even once, it means that he wants one thing only and that he will leave when he gets what he wants.

This means that you are just a booty call for him and that he doesn’t take you seriously.

2. After he gets what he wants, he brags to his friends

A guy who respects his woman won’t talk with his friends about sex with her.

It is okay to tell your closest friend that you took your relationship to a whole new level but him bragging up about it to every new person that he meets is something you shouldn’t tolerate.

Especially if he describes all the details from the bedroom and makes you look like a whore who just wants some dick.

3. He is skipping foreplay

If a guy skips foreplay it means that he isn’t into you that much.

For him, it is not important what you feel and what you want and he just wants to satisfy his needs only. The truth is that he just wants to get into you, climax and get the hell out of your house.

And a man like that will never be boyfriend material, at least not for you.

4. He initiates orgies and threesomes

When a guy loves a woman, he wants to make love to her only. He doesn’t want any other people to be involved in their intercourse. It is called respect.

But if you catch your man suggesting that the two of you should invite another woman into your bedroom, it means that he doesn’t give a damn about you and that he just wants to try new things.

Again, he cares about himself only and he doesn’t think about your needs.

5. He doesn’t give a fuck if you had an orgasm

His life motto is: “Me, myself and I!” He doesn’t take care of you having a good time and he only wants to have a great time on his own.

For him, sex is something that has to satisfy himself only and that is it. He doesn’t take care of what you want or what you need so he will never take care to give you an orgasm. What a fuckboy, right?

6. He is too rough

Some spanking didn’t kill anybody but if he crosses the line, you shouldn’t let him into your bed anymore.

It means that he wants to get what he wants and with not even asking you if he can do it. If he is too rough it means that he doesn’t care if it hurts you and he is not planning to stop until he climaxes.

You should NEVER accept this kind of behavior so you better stay as far away from him as possible.

7. He doesn’t listen to your wishes

If you ask him to try a new position and he refuses, that means that he doesn’t give a damn about you. For him it is ‘my way or no way’ and he sticks to that all the time.

He only wants to do things that he likes and he doesn’t listen to what you have to say. T

his is a huge red flag that he doesn’t want anything serious with you and that in the end, you are just a fling to him.

8. He leaves as soon as he gets what he wants

When a man loves a woman he will always sleep at her home after having sex. But if you see your guy gets what he wants and runs home, it means that something is not right.

He just went to you not because he loves you but because he wanted to get laid. And after satisfying his animal urges, he will just leave and never call you back anymore. What an asshole!