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6 Things You Should Know About Covert Introvert Narcissists

6 Things You Should Know About Covert Introvert Narcissists

I’m sure you heard about narcissists who are all around us.

Not only that – you’re also familiar with their manipulation techniques, the things they tend to do in order to destroy their victim’s lives, and the emotional scars they leave on anyone they get their hands on.

However, if you’ve ever dealt with covert introvert narcissists, you know that this is an especially dangerous subtype of this personality disorder, which in some cases, at first glance bear no similarities to “basic” narcissists.

So, here are the 6 most important things to know about this subtype, which can help you recognize them on time and handle them with more success.

1. They have no empathy

One of the first (and at the same time worst) characteristics of this subtype of narcissists is their complete lack of empathy.

It is not that these people are only selfish, egocentric, and look after their own needs, they are also completely indifferent to anyone else’s emotions, suffering, or troubles, unless they affect them personally.

Whatever doesn’t directly influence a covert introvert narcissist is of no importance whatsoever for them.

Instead, they only focus on themselves, meeting their own desires, and things being in perfect order in their microcosmos.

Despite what might be going on in your life, their problems are always the worst and the ones that need handling right away.

They’re the centre of their own universe and expect everyone else to treat them that way.

2. But are extremely sensitive

Ironically, even though covert introvert narcissists have no compassion for others, they get offended once they get a taste of their own medicine and the moment someone starts treating them in the same manner they treat him or her.

Even though they do their best to hide this, the truth is that these people are extremely sensitive and their feelings can get hurt in the blink of an eye.

Therefore, if you ever find yourself in any type of relationship with this kind of person, you’ll be expected to walk on eggshells around them, while they’re allowed to treat you the way they want. 

You see, narcissists don’t see these double standards they’re trying to set as something troubling.

After all, this is who they are and if someone wants a place in their life, they just have to deal with it.

3. They’re passive aggressive

According to many, the worst problem with handling a narcissist is the fact that they refuse to tell you when they’re offended and hurt (despite these being the emotions they feel most of the time).

If a covert introvert narcissist is bothered by something, they’ll never put effort into resolving the problem the mature way, nor tell you what is wrong directly.

Instead, this person will give you the silent treatment, ghost you, and apply other passive aggressive tactics without ever giving you a proper explanation or closure.

Naturally, this behavior leaves their victim feeling guilty and wondering what their mistake was.

You see, a covert introvert narcissist thinks it is beneath them to face you and tell you that something you did got to them, because they’re scared that if someone knows they can be influenced, it’d give this person power over them.

Instead, they prefer holding grudges, acting like they’re above the situation and completely unharmed.

4. They’re indirectly superior

The most common trait of all narcissists is their superiority over others – or at least, their belief that they’re the most important people in the world.

Without any concrete reason, these people tend to think they’re better than anyone else and are convinced that they’re entitled to more than their victims.

In fact, many narcissists don’t hide the way they feel.

They’re completely open about the fact that, according to them, you’re beneath them and that no one could ever reach their level.

On the other hand, a covert introvert narcissist is different. This is a person who’ll never directly insult you or tell you that you’re not good enough.

However, he will do his best to make you feel this way.

He’ll use every opportunity to humiliate you and make you feel bad about yourself in different sneaky ways, which makes you, as his victim, feel that much worse.

5. They’re paranoid

Another characteristic of all covert narcissists is their paranoia.

You know how we all look at things from our point of view, expecting that others will behave in the same manner we would?

Well, this is exactly what narcissists do as well. They don’t trust anyone because they in turn know they’re not trustworthy.

They expect the worst from the people around them because they’re aware of all the evil things they’re capable of doing.

According to a covert introvert narcissist, everyone is out to get him.

This person is always on the lookout because he is convinced that even his closest ones can unexpectedly hurt and backstab him.

His paranoja doesn’t allow him to believe in anyone’s honesty or good intentions.

Even if you treat him in the best way possible, he’ll always second guess you and assume that there’s some hidden agenda deeply rooted behind your behavior.

6. They need admiration and attention

Contrary to the way they act, the truth that all covert introvert narcissists try to hide from the rest of the world (including themselves) is that they need approval, admiration, and attention from their victims.

Basically, this man will stick by your side as long as he knows he is big in your eyes and you fall for his manipulations.

Even though they’re introverts by nature, ignoring them is what spiritually kills them.

They can’t stand noticing that their actions have no impact whatsoever on their victims, and as soon as this happens, they move on in search for new prey.

So, it appears that a narcissist has no real control over his victim – things just appear that way.

Instead, his victim is in charge of him because he’s the one who is emotionally dependent on her reaction.