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6 Tips For Being Alone Without Becoming Lonely

6 Tips For Being Alone Without Becoming Lonely

Being lonely is the worst feeling there is. It could be described as the feeling of emptiness. You feel like you have a huge hole in your chest and in your life.

It’s like you constantly miss someone who wasn’t even there and who’s not going to come. And no matter how hard you try to get your shit together and feel happy for a second, you fail. That slight feeling of happiness you feel is actually fake.

The moment you start feeling happy, something inside you simply blocks that feeling. Your subconscious is telling you that happiness is not good for you and that you shouldn’t feel that way at all.

It’s telling you that you’re meant to feel that empty and that lonely for as long as possible. You can’t shake off that feeling.

If you recently broke up with someone, you will feel like he’s the only one who could make you feel fulfilled once more. But he will never be yours again. And God knows when that feeling will disappear. It could be gone by tomorrow. But it might be that it’s here to stay.

So if you want to avoid feeling lonely, here are some tips you should follow:

1. Get to know yourself

Being alone without becoming lonely is a hard task to do. In order not to get lonely, you need to get to know yourself and your feelings. Once you understand your feelings, you will know what works best for you and what makes you happy.

Do more of the things that make you happy. Put all your effort and focus into that, and you’ll find yourself stronger than ever before.

2. Get a hobby

It’s already been mentioned that you should do more things that make you happy. Find one thing you truly enjoy doing and make a hobby out of it or take some classes, so you could learn something new.

There are numerous possibilities. Take time to explore and see what you’re interested in. If you prioritize your happiness among other feelings, you’ll forget what loneliness even is.

3. Go out with your friends

Going out with your friends is always a good idea. Take them to your favorite restaurant, so you can catch up on everything over a nice meal.

There’s only one rule: every topic you talk about should be a positive one. Friends who laugh together stay together—and those who eat, as well.

4. Don’t think about relationships

When you see your friend with her boyfriend, don’t instantly think, “I want that”. Think how happy you are that she’s found someone who’s worth her time and makes her happy. Their relationship isn’t perfect.

Actually, no relationship is. But when you’re alone, you create that picture in your head of how the only thing that brings happiness to people is being with someone.

The reality is much different. Don’t let your imagination fool you. You won’t be happy if you find a boyfriend. You’ll be happy if you decide to be happy. That’s why you shouldn’t even think about relationships and how others feel. Focus on making yourself happy.

5. Get busy

In order to avoid thinking about relationships, you should get busy, whether it’s with work or with the hobby you’ve created for yourself. The time you have while you’re single is too valuable to waste.

This is your chance to do anything you ever wanted to do without depending on anyone. You have all the time and energy to do whatever you feel like doing.

So, get busy and work on your dreams. Make your dreams come true. You shouldn’t wait for anything. You are the only person who knows how to be you. No one will achieve your dreams for you. If you surround yourself with your dreams, you can never be lonely.

6. Have fun

The most important thing in your life, in general, is to have fun.

In order to be happy with your life, you need to have fun while living it. Taking every step in your life with a smile on your face is what life should be. You are the only person you have in your life and it’s important to learn how to have fun with yourself. While having fun with yourself, you won’t even think of having fun with anyone else.