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7 “Bitchy” Behaviors You Should Feel Proud Of And Not Guilty About

7 “Bitchy” Behaviors You Should Feel Proud Of And Not Guilty About

My personal experiences have taught me that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a bitch. As a matter of fact, if you’re a bitch, it means you have your own opinions on things, and you’re not afraid to say what you really mean. Being a bitch is no longer considered an insult, and that is why you should be proud if you’ve ever been called that name!

You should be proud because you are not a coward like the majority of people out there who only dance to other people’s tunes. You have your own, and that is why you are truly special! You don’t give a damn what someone will think of you if what you’re doing seems right to you, and that is the main recipe to happiness.

So, whenever someone accuses you of a bitchy behavior, feel proud of it and not guilty about it because you’re one of the few who are not afraid to live their lives to the fullest which is the main compliment of all! You are a unique, inspiring human being, and don’t ever change—no matter what!


1. Speaking your mind

How many times have you been accused of saying what you really mean? Exactly. If speaking your mind means being a bitch, then you should definitely be proud of it and not guilty about it! If someone gives you bad treatment, it’s totally okay to acknowledge it to them.

If someone refuses to do something you asked, it’s totally okay to tell them why you think you deserve it. Speaking your mind is all about standing up for yourself, not accepting bullshit and not giving up that easily. And if that means being a bitch, you should be totally proud of it!

2. Giving him a fake number

There are thousands of different men with different motives out there. How are you supposed to know that he’s not a lunatic or something else more serious? You should never worry about giving someone a fake number if you don’t feel comfortable giving them the right one. Why?

Because you shouldn’t feel forced to do something you think is not right, especially if you don’t like the guy and you feel in your gut that there’s something wrong with him. It’s ten times safer to give him a fake number and continue living your life in peace.

So, if anyone ever accused you of being a bitch because of this one, just tell them to mind their own business, and take it as a compliment.

3. Cutting friends out of your life

At a certain point in our lives, we tend to outgrow our friends or they change drastically and start having a bad influence on us. Does that mean you should still stick to them no matter what? Of course not. Cutting friends out of your life is sometimes necessary to maintain your well-being and happiness.

If your friend is all of a sudden involved in dangerous activities like dealing with drugs, it’s logical that you would run away from them if they are too stubborn and don’t want to listen to your advice. If you try to help them and you see that nothing is changing, cutting them out of your life is the only thing left to do, and you should never feel bad about it.

4. Saying “no” to a man

When you seduce a man, lead him on, and then suddenly turn on the stop light, chances are that he will call you a bitch. But, should you be worried about it? Definitely not. You have every right to say “no” to any man on planet Earth regardless of circumstances. Even if you’re both naked and you’ve all of a sudden changed your mind for some reason, you have every right to do so.

You are not anyone’s toy or puppet, and no one can force you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with. And that is why you should be proud and not worried whenever you say “no” to a man. You should be proud for listening to yourself and not letting them manipulate you to do something THEY want and not you.

5. Breaking up with him

How many times have you heard that famous sentence: “But he was a good guy; OMG what a bitch for dumping him!” Does breaking up with a good guy automatically classify you as being a bitch? I mean, who gives a fuck whether he’s a good guy or an ultimately bad guy if you’re not happy with him?

Sometimes people have to do what they have to do in order to find happiness again, and when it comes to love and relationships, there are no rules. Breaking up with anyone for any reason (no matter how stupid it seems to others) is an act of bravery, and it is an act of not giving a fuck about what society will think of you.

You are your own boss, the creator of your happiness, and you should be proud for fighting for what you want.

6. Answering questions honestly

If someone asks you something delicate like whether they look fat in that dress or suit, does that mean you have to lie to them so that you don’t appear bitchy? No. If you’ve answered their questions honestly and they are not satisfied with your answer, it is their problem and not yours.

Your intentions were positive, and you should never feel guilty for saying what you really mean. It is better to tell them how things really are than to lie to them so they can have fake confidence. Even if they are truly confident, they will still have problems improving things because they will continue living in a fake bubble.

7. Being bossy

If you’re a boss in your company or in charge of an important project, being bossy and bitchy is the last thing you should worry about. It is necessary from time to time to inspire other people with a few bossy performances to accomplish better results.

The same thing goes with relationships. You should never feel bad about being bossy from time to time with your boyfriend as well because if you don’t, things could get out of control. Being a bossy woman is the ultimate sign of strength and confidence, so you should be thankful for such a unique gift!