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7 Challenges You Face While Dating If You Are Super Awkward

7 Challenges You Face While Dating If You Are Super Awkward

You are probably charming, intelligent and a total catch, but somehow you are unable to show that side of you when you are faced with someone you genuinely like.

It’s like you transform into this awkward person, and you can’t behave or speak like you normally would around people you are comfortable with.

Don’t worry. There are a lot of us weirdos out there.

We just need to find someone who is our kind of awkward and goofy, and couple up with them. Basically, we need someone who will find our weirdness cute.

1. Clumsy is your middle name

Your body is full of bruises because you have a habit of bumping into things and tripping over your own feet.

Your hair is full of bread crumbs. You drop things. You dance like you have two left feet, and the list goes on and on.

Keep in mind that even though you are awkward because of your clumsiness, there is somebody who will find it adorable and cute.

2. You blab on and on when you are around him  

You hear yourself speaking, and you know it’s too much, uncalled for, and making things even worse, but you can’t stop yourself.

The thing is when you like someone you want to be at your best and say all the right words, but the stress level increases.

You become nervous, and that’s why you rumble and stumble on your own words.

Look at it this way. If he is reading your blabbing as a sign, you are basically telling him that you like him.

3. You can’t tell if somebody’s hitting on you or just being nice

Sometimes it’s really hard to tell. But you are blind even if somebody is making it super obvious.

You are aware that you are awkward and for the life of you, you can’t grasp why somebody would be into you.

But if a man is clearly interested, let him be. Embrace your awkwardness.

4. Your flirting skills are below zero

Flirting is not in your nature. Whatever you say or do just comes out wrong, and you are used to it coming out wrong, so you’ve stopped trying altogether.

So what if you are bad at flirting? Relax and be yourself. Some guys won’t dig it, and that’s ok.

There will be those who will and who will appreciate you not having moves or lines because fakeness makes them nauseous.

5. You dream up conversations in your head

You imagine different conversation scenarios in your head that have a slim chance of ever becoming reality.

You know you can’t predict the conversation you are going to have with the guy you are into, but that doesn’t stop you.

You kind of enjoy it, and it’s nice to daydream at times.

6. You analyze every word he says or texts

You reread his texts in the hope you will find something you missed or discover some hidden meanings, and you replay and interpret conversations you have had in your head.

While this is pretty common behavior, your awkward nature takes it a step further, so you lie to yourself that you are not interested at all, but you keep thinking about him, his texts, and his words.

You also talk about it with your bestie to the point where you start to bore her to death.

7. You freeze often when he is near

If blabbing fails, you shift completely and become somebody who has a hard time uttering words.

There are situations in which your brain goes completely blank if he is near.

You barely pronounce words, and you get to the point where it is even hard to move.  

You might also have trouble if he tries to kiss you on the cheek or hug you because you don’t know how to act.

All your awkward self needs is somebody who will adore your clumsiness, laugh at your quirks, and kiss you so you would shut up for a moment.

You need someone who wouldn’t change the way you are for anything in this world, and someone who knows he can be himself around you, too.

You see we are all a bit weird in our own way, and all we need at the end of the day is someone who will accept us just the way we are.