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I Want You To Be My Last First Kiss

I Want You To Be My Last First Kiss

I didn’t think I could ever imagine myself falling for you. You were anything but my type of man. But, I guess, that’s the thing with love. It erases everything we thought we wanted and gives us everything we need. It looks like your embrace is all I needed. Who knew?

You are the one who enters my mind when I hear the word ‘home’. You are the one I see by my side when I think about my happiest days.

You are the one I see walking by me throughout my life. The one I will always come back to, no matter how far life pushes me away. I never had something I can’t walk away from, until I had you.

It’s like there is some kind of force that drives us toward each other through time and space. No matter where we are, we always find our way back home. Our way back to each other.

The way you smile and the way your eyes catch the sunlight, turning that deep brown into gold. The way your leg keeps bouncing up and down when you are nervous but the moment I need you, you turn all hero mode. I guess that’s love. It has a way of making all of our fears disappear, just because someone else needs us to be brave.

You are the one who fell in love with me, even after you took care of my drunk ass. Multiple times. My drunk to you was the cutest anyone could ever be. And the safest I ever felt was that night, at that moment, while you were holding me and I was losing myself in your arms.

I blamed it on the alcohol but deep down I knew it wasn’t. Deep down, I knew we were doomed for eternity. But there’s no one I’d rather spend that eternity with than you.

Seeing you smile makes me feel like the happiest woman alive. Seeing you happy and knowing that I’m the reason behind it fills me with pride so easily, like the only thing I ever really succeeded in was making you happy. It was like the only thing I ever wanted to do.

The way you go out of your way when I need you makes me feel loved more than anyone ever before. More than any song anyone sang, more than any grand gesture I had received.

Because love cannot be faked or bought, love cannot be pressured or conditioned. And what we have, the way we have it, makes me believe in a happily ever after again. It makes me believe that movie kind of love exists after all. You are the one who makes me believe it.

Your heartbeat is the beat I want to dance my whole life to and the sound of your voice is the only thing I want to wake up to.

Your chest is the only bed I want to lay on and your embrace is the only place I want to fall asleep in. You are everything I ever wanted and everything I never knew I needed.

The way our souls connected when we first kissed, fireworks exploded at that moment and lit up my heart and chased away the darkness. The fire our kiss started in my soul melted away the pain and cold.

The feeling of warmth, the feeling of love that I felt even in my toes was something like I had never felt before.

The moment before my lips touched yours, the whole world went silent, colors faded away and I was left out of breath, stuck eternally between two heartbeats and just an inch from your face.

And when they finally met, you were the air in my lungs, you were the sound and color of my world. It was you. Only you.

Everyone is talking about heaven like it’s the most perfect place to go to. But in your arms, next to you, is the only heaven I ever want to go to.

Feeling your heartbeat for the rest of my life is the greatest blessing I could receive. And you being my last first kiss is more than I could ever wish for.