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7 Experiences Men Have When They’re In Love With You

7 Experiences Men Have When They’re In Love With You

Men are not really good at expressing their feelings. They are more comfortable with deeds and actions than with words. Talking honestly about their emotions makes them feel vulnerable, but still, when they open the castle gates of their hearts, it is pretty obvious. Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, has done deep research on this matter, and she broke down what men really feel when they’re in love.

We are bringing you 7 experiences that men have when they’re in love with you:

1. Their thoughts are completely magnetized by you

Their mind is completely occupied with thoughts about you. In fact, whether they are working, studying, or just casually laying around watching movies, about 80% of their day is influenced by thoughts of the woman they love.

2. They have a huge energy boost

When a man is truly in love, he feels that huge sense of aliveness. He suddenly has more energy and is more productive. This is extremely beneficial for his everyday life and work. When in love people have a rush of dopamine in their brain, which creates this feeling.

Everything around him seems a little bit better, a little bit brighter. He has a sudden feeling of amazement and does everything in his life with a smile. This is only because of you, because of his love for you.

3. They analyze your actions

Many men have reported that when they are in love, they tend to analyze your moves and actions, trying to find the slightest signs of your possible affection to them. They will ask tricky questions or try to analyze what you meant in your text. All of that to find out what you really feel for them, and to know if you like them the same way they like you.

4. They put you in the first place – always


Many men reported that they tend to leave some free time in their schedule just in case you are free that moment and would like to hang out with them. If his buddy calls him to get a few beers on Friday evening, he will rather reject the offer in case you are available for a date.

Many times he would even leave his crew just to see you. This is why a lot of men lose some of their friends when they’re in love. They just sort out their priorities, and you are the top one.

5. You are influencing their mood

His emotions are completely tied up to yours. This means that when you’re happy, he is happy. When you’re down, he feels down too. This is also linked to prioritizing you because, in order for him to be happy, he needs to make sure that you feel that way first.

6. They daydream about having sex with you

Almost all men included in the research reported that they fantasized about having sex with the woman they love. It doesn’t matter if it was before or after it really happened. When the actual event happens, you can be sure they thought about that a thousand times before.

This is not a bad thing, but on the contrary, that sexual attraction is what separates romantic passion from friendship. They see you sexy and beautiful, and they find you madly attractive.

7. They are willing to fight for you

This is very simple; when a man is in love, he is ready to do anything. He will move mountains, he will take down stars from the sky, he will be ready to move from the place he lives in, just to be with you. He will sacrifice everything for you and will be ready to do all the necessary things to keep the relationship on track.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, every relationship has fights, misunderstandings, and overall bad periods, but if a man feels comfortable with you, powerful next to you, and is madly in love with you, he will fight because it matters to him.

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