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This Is How We Killed Love

This Is How We Killed Love

Millennials, by and large, are credited for being the ones who will change the world. They are in tune with technology, they are most likely to be the ones to eat out, they have their own rules to live by, and they are the ones who changed the idea of value. It was all fine until they changed the idea of love as well.

In the past, we did many things wrong. We did even more than that, but we did well with love. We did right with respecting the idea of love and the love we felt as well. Love was important. Love was a priority.

So, let’s not sugarcoat things here, millennials didn’t just change love for worse, they ruined love.

Our conversations became texting. What once was the most important part of a relationship and love is now switched into a faceless exchange of information. No wonder we’re so harsh with words when we only talk to our screens. Our words would be more gentle if we’d deliver them in person. But we rather choose not to.

Our arguments became phone calls. We don’t call just to hear someone’s voice. We don’t call just so we could tell somebody something nice. We don’t do it anymore.

Feelings don’t matter unless we’re talking about the negative ones. We call people to take it out on them. We pick up the phone and dial the number so we could tell the person listening on the other side of the line that they are wrong and that we’re right, and then we take their opportunity to explain themselves and we hang up. But this isn’t how it was done before.

Our feelings became subliminal messages. We’re no longer aware of how we feel, no matter how much our feelings might wave right in front of our eyes. We refuse to feel or to acknowledge we actually feel. We are afraid to share our feelings, so we tend to shove them somewhere deep down, till we become absolutely oblivious of what emotions are running through our soul.

Our insecurities became our way of thinking. Since the day one, millenials have been feeding their insecurities, and instead of confronting them and making them disappear, this became our way of thinking. There isn’t one thought in our mind that wasn’t touched by insecurity or one action that wasn’t consumed by insecurity. It’s as if the more insecure you feel, the cooler you look.

Getting jealous became a habit. It’s like we can’t enter a relationship, a friendship, or anything else without wanting something that somebody else has. It’s also a product of our insecurities, so out of fear that somebody might take something that we think belongs to us, we become possessive and jealous often tightening our grip.


This Is How Millennials Changed Love For Worse


Sex became so easy. Now it’s just a form of physical activity. We don’t tend to give it too much thought. We just want our lust out of our system. And then, after we get attached, only then we tend to ask what went wrong.

The word ‘love’ is used out of context. All the time. We switched from loving people to loving things.

Trust is hard to come by. We find it hard to put trust in other people and vice versa. We just don’t believe people that easily, and there are only a few people who deserve to be trusted, to begin with. Those who have somebody trustworthy are the few lucky ones out there.  

Being hurt became natural. You just know you’re going to get hurt eventually. You’re prepared for it; it’s not like it hurts less, but you’re aware of it. It’s like in every relationship we enter we’re just waiting for the moment when our heart is going to be broken or our trust betrayed. It’s just how we operate now.

Leaving became the only option. We gave up on fighting long ago. We gave up on fighting for people we loved, and we gave up on love as well. It’s way easier to just walk away from a relationship, that job that we didn’t get, and the person who we love.

It’s sad how we want to be happy so desperately, but we fail to understand that love is one of the ultimate things that make us happy.

So, when somebody calls just to hear your voice, don’t take that person for granted. When somebody states loud and clear how he feels and stands behind his words, don’t take it for granted. When you stumble upon somebody who doesn’t take sex for granted, when you find somebody who won’t project his insecurities on you, when somebody who you can trust knocks on your door and makes it clear he is not leaving, it means he’s worthy of your love.

When you have something that’s worth it, don’t ever take it for granted. Because what you have is the treasure of this world to begin with.