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7 Little Big Things Only Your Forever Person Will Do

7 Little Big Things Only Your Forever Person Will Do

1. He will do some seriously sugary stuff without you having to ask

When he is your forever person, some things that he considered corny will come naturally to him. He will wake you up with the smell of coffee he fixed (or bought) for you.

He will cuddle with you a bit longer even if that means that he’s going to be late for something. He will call or text in the middle of the day just to let you know you are on his mind.

It will come naturally to him. He will be the sweetest man you have ever met.

2. He will understand you on “those days of the month”

You might snap at him for no reason because you are in PMS. You might eat more chocolates than he can count. You might be in a lot of pain and cranky while you are on your period.

You might feel however you feel in that moment, and he will show you that he’s there for you. While most men would be grossed out, he is there to take care of you or leave you be, whatever you prefer just then.

3. He will do things that he finds boring if they are going to make you happy

Every now and then he will do something for you that is not up his alley if he knows that it would mean a lot to you.

He will go and see a movie you want even if he doesn’t like the genre. He will go to some boring work or family gathering with you.

Not everything has to be at his convenience—nor at yours for that matter because you will reciprocate all these little big things he does for you.

4. He will stick around even though the most challenging times

Not everything will be rainbows and butterflies all the time. You will fight; you will drive each other crazy; you will miscommunicate a lot of things.

But one thing’s for sure—your forever person is not going to give up on you. He is there to face the problems and find some common ground.

He can’t imagine his life without you, and he will work alongside you to make things work.

5. He will make sure to put your feelings first

He will make sure not to hurt you on purpose. So if you tell him that you don’t feel comfortable with him texting his ex, he will either stop or reassure you that there’s nothing there.

If you feel like you are not spending enough time together or that he should text you more often, he will make an effort to be present more, through texts and in person.

He genuinely cares, and he is putting you as his priority. That’s why he will work on keeping an honest and open relationship with you.

6. He will make you feel like you are more than enough

You are wearing PJs, a messy bun on the top of your head and no makeup. You think you are a mess, but to him, you are a vision. To him, you are most attractive when you are in your natural look.

He will never make you feel less or even indicate that you should change. He will love you just the way you are, and there’s not a thing he would change about you, your flaws included.

7. He’ll be selfless in bed

Once you have an emotional and physical connection with your partner, sex will feel like out of this world. You will finally know what lovemaking is all about.

He will put your satisfaction as his priority. He won’t skip on foreplay or going down on you. He will put on his A-game and do his best to please because making you moan with satisfaction is a whole different type of a turn on that can’t be compared with anything.