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7 Obvious Signs He Likes You (More Than You Think)

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You (More Than You Think)

Does he like you, or are you just imagining things? Do you sit next to your phone, waiting for his text and begging the Universe to send you just one little sign as proof of this guy’s affection? 

I may not be the Universe, but I can give you 7 obvious signs he likes you based on thorough research (and my personal experience)! Let’s be honest with ourselves. The modern dating world abounds in mixed signals, mind games, playing hard-to-get, you name it.

The modern dating world sucks, so I congratulate you for not giving up on looking for a potential partner in the first place because many of us have.

Whoever and wherever you are, know I’m proud of you, and I’m here to help you figure out whether he’s on his way to being head over heels in love with you (or if you’re imagining things).

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You A LOT

How to tell if a guy likes you? When a guy genuinely likes you, his behavior is aligned with his words. Here are 7 obvious signs he likes you more than you think:

1. His behavior is consistent

When a guy genuinely likes you, there are no inconsistencies in his behavior. What does this mean? It means the following:

• He doesn’t give you mixed signals.

• He doesn’t play hard to get (or any other mind games).

• He keeps his promises.

• He texts you and calls you regularly.

• He initiates meaningful conversations.

• He doesn’t play with your feelings.

You don’t worry about his next move because you know he’s someone you can rely on, and he won’t disappoint you in any way. Your gut feeling tells you that you can finally relax because this guy cares deeply about you, and his behavior supports that.

2. His body language supports his words

Our body language tells us what our words fail to say. What does this mean? Your body language ALWAYS shows when you like someone or that someone likes you.

We don’t have control over what we do subconsciously, and that’s why body language signs are undeniable signs he likes you. If he does some or all of the following things, then you know he likes you more than you think:

• He mirrors your movements. When you touch your hair, he touches his hair. When you cross your arms, he also crosses his arms. He mirrors your movements because all his concentration is on you. Why? Because your presence has made him smitten.

He maintains deep eye contact. He looks you deep in the eye without blinking for a few seconds. His intense gaze makes your body shiver, and you know there is something special between the two of you.

• He straightens his posture around you. When a guy likes you, he will straighten his posture to look more masculine in front of you. He wants you to notice how tall and strong he is. He wants you to know that he’s capable of protecting you.

• He fixes his appearance. He fixes his hair, tie, or his belt. Guys fix their appearance in front of a girl they like because they want to leave a good impression on her.

• His lips part. Neither he nor his lips can believe how beautiful you are inside and out. If his lips part when he sees you, it’s one of the surefire body language signs he likes you.

• Lots of subtle touches. He may touch your shoulder, arm, thigh, you name it. There will be lots of subtle touches because he can’t help himself when he’s around you. You drive him crazy in fascinating ways.

3. He introduces you to his friends (and family)

This is probably one of the most powerful of the 7 obvious signs he likes you, so please don’t take it for granted. If a guy decides to introduce you to his friends and family, he does this for a reason.

He wants to show you off to his best friends and family (which is a clear sign that he’s not interested in other women because he found his special someone). A guy who is proud to be with you will want to show you to the rest of the world, especially those close to him.

He wants everyone to know how happy he is to have you in his life. He wants to share his happiness with those close to him and make you feel welcome in his world.

Every guy knows how much women value their decision to introduce them to their people. So, when a guy genuinely cares about you and likes you, he will want to prove that to you in many different ways, such as introducing you to his fav people.

4. He smiles A LOT when he’s around you

Does he instantly start smiling when he sees you and is around you? If yes, then don’t take this subtle sign for granted. His smiling when around you is one of the 7 obvious signs he likes you, so there’s no need to overthink things.

And do you know why men smile when they’re around women they like? They smile because you brighten their day, and they enjoy your presence. They smile because they can’t believe how smitten they are by you, which sometimes scares them.

So, instead of expressing their feelings directly to you in an old-fashioned way (via words), they smile in the hope that you’ll notice it.

5. He’s going out of his way to impress you

When a guy likes you, he will certainly go out of his way to impress you with romantic gestures and gentlemanly behavior. He will do all these little things that mean so much to you:

• He will give you random hugs.

He will send you good night and good morning texts.

• He will ask about your day.

He will prepare romantic dinners.

• He will give you thoughtful gifts.

• He’ll listen to you.

• He will surprise you on a daily basis. 

When a guy cares about you, his main goal is to see you smile. Therefore, instead of playing games with you, he’ll do his best to impress you with his skills and random acts of kindness. His continual effort is the most significant indicator of his affection for you.

6. He’s curious about you

His curiosity about you also deserves a special place among the 7 obvious signs he likes you. It’s a telltale sign that indicates his interest, affection, and intention. When a guy is curious about you, it means he wants to know everything about you:

• He asks you about your relationship status. He wants to make sure that you’re single and you don’t have another crush (except him). If he’s interested in your relationship status, you can be sure he sees you as girlfriend material.

• He wants to learn about your childhood. He wants to hear your embarrassing childhood stories because this will help him get to know you better. He wants to be connected with your past, present, and future.

• He’s interested in your likes and dislikes. What kind of movies or TV shows do you prefer? What type of food do you like? If a guy likes you, expect him to ask you lots of questions.

• He frequently DMs you on social media. He wants to stay in touch with you daily. He texts you frequently because he’s curious about your daily routine.

• He wants to know your future plans and goals. He wants to see whether your future goals and plans align with his. It’s clear that he likes you a lot and wants to be part of your life.

• He wants to meet your friends and family. He not only introduces you to his friends and family but also expresses a desire to meet yours. Your people are his people because he genuinely cares about you.

7. He gives his best to make you a part of his life

A man who makes plans is always a good sign that he likes you a lot. A man who finds a way to make you part of his life is a man who appreciates and respects you.

You aren’t just friends – he sees you more like his soulmate (someone special he waited for his entire life). When a guy’s mindset is correct, you won’t have to overthink things or worry about whether he likes you.

You know he genuinely cares about you if he always finds time for you and checks up on you. He tells you about his plans. You feel like he’s trying hard to make you feel important and valued.

He doesn’t make you wait or question his intentions. Instead, he makes an effort to prove to you that he’s the One for you. Everything he does comes from a place of genuine affection because that’s how he feels about you.

How Do You Tell If A Guy Likes You Secretly?

When a guy likes you secretly, his body language signs will reveal his feelings for you. He will make prolonged eye contact (or he will look away when you look at him if he’s a shy guy). He will lean in when you talk because he’s genuinely interested in your words.

He will seem nervous and ask you lots of questions because his primary goal is to get to know you better. He will compliment you and be supportive of your goals. Also, he will memorize everything you ever said to him.

When a guy likes you secretly, he won’t express his feelings via words, but his actions will reveal his genuine affection.

What Are The Psychological Signs Someone Likes You?

Some of the most prominent psychological signs someone likes you are making intense eye contact, blushing, and smiling a lot around you. When we like someone, we can’t help but act weird in front of them, often making fools out of ourselves. We do this because our hormones go wild and we’re only focused on creating a good impression.

Here are a few psychological signs someone likes you:

• Accidental touches are frequent. They can’t help but use every opportunity to touch you subtly. No, these touches aren’t accidental because their body and mind know exactly what they want, and that is YOU.

• They become clumsy in your company. They become a little bit weird when spending time with you. They express themselves in a shy way, or they start talking too much. It all depends on whether they’re an introvert or extrovert.

• Their eyes become bigger. Their eyes become bigger because their pupils dilate whenever they see you because they find you attractive.

• They fidget a lot. Nervousness is one of the most common psychological signs that someone likes you. They become scared of saying or doing something stupid when they try to impress you.

• They “accidentally” show up at places where you are. They show up wherever you go because they want to be near you. (Let’s not confuse stalking with “accidentally” showing up at the places where you are because they genuinely care about you.)

Closing Thoughts

The above 7 obvious signs he likes you can serve more as a guide to every girl who isn’t sure about a guy’s feelings for her. We must remember that different types of guys express affection differently; some straight-up say it, while others rely on their body language.However, one thing is for sure: If a guy likes you, he’ll do anything he can to be with you. Period.