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Why Are Girls Going Commando? 16 Reasons You Didn’t Know

Why Are Girls Going Commando? 16 Reasons You Didn’t Know

Girls going commando has become a common thing nowadays. In fact, people have done this for a long time, but this is the first time anyone has really talked about it.

Some issues can’t be resolved by wearing the softest undies or thongs. That’s why many girls go commando.

You’d be surprised by the benefits of it. It’s not just a trend you hear about in magazines because more and more women are choosing this option.

So, why is not wearing underwear a good personal choice? Let’s see!

Why Are Girls Going Commando? 16 Surprising Reasons

As we said in the introduction, wearing no underwear has many benefits for a girl.

Going commando can be fun, or it might be a lesson learned, depending on your strong personal principles or how up for a challenge you feel.

1. It costs less

The first and probably most beneficial reason many girls go commando is that it’s the cheaper option.

Just think of how much money you’ve spent on expensive, matching underwear. Yes, you can always go for cheaper underwear, but most of the time, they could be of better quality.

So girls who decide to go commando will use this money on more important things: a nice dress, makeup, or something else. That sounds like a valid reason, right?

2. Much more comfortable

If you’re a girl, you probably know how uncomfortable our underwear may be, no matter if it’s of good quality or not.

Imagine how good it would finally be to walk around in leggings without that uncomfortable underwear. Girls who go commando have experienced this feeling, and they know how good it is.

3. It’s cooler

Yes, women who go panty-less have no problems with the temperature down there. Because our genitals are one of our orifices, they release heat.

However, wearing underwear will block this release of energy and maintain a higher temperature. But those who don’t wear panties won’t have a problem with this.

4. Easy access

The other day, a girl told me ‘‘I went commando because it improved my sex life.’’ So I thought about it, and she is definitely right.

If she doesn’t wear panties, her partner can easily go down on her without wasting any time.

But not just that, when your lady parts aren’t covered with panties, you’ll be more turned on because everything will be rubbing against you.

5. Science says it’s healthier

Some research suggests that wearing no underwear can help you fight bacterial infections. You might wonder why?

Because bacteria thrive in warm environments, it’s a perfect breeding ground for them, and your panties don’t allow your lady parts to cool properly.

So if you want to decrease the possibility of harboring a bacterial vaginal infection, you’ll know what to do!

6. Less laundry

Think about it: at the end of the day, you’ll be left with at least one pair of unclean underwear.

Yes, underwear isn’t that big, but if you’re someone like me, who hates doing their laundry, it is a big perk. But the good thing is: you don’t have to worry about washing them if you don’t wear them.

7. No underwear, more pheromones

Covering yourself with tight fabric can prevent the scent of your pheromones.

Your region down there is enriched with natural pheromones that, from an evolutionary standpoint, attract males. So if you want to attract more men, just stop wearing your underwear!

8. No more need for matching underwear

Every woman knows the struggle of matching her underwear, especially if you’re going on a date or casual hookup.

Now you can feel free to pick any bra you want because you don’t have to worry if it’s going to match your panties or not.

9. The feeling of being free

Some women don’t want to be restricted by a pair of underwear every day. They love to feel free, and not wearing panties is one way to achieve this.

Simply said, wearing underwear is uncomfortable and restricting.

If you really want to experience freedom, follow the lead of all the girls going commando and stop wearing underwear. Nothing so constricting is necessary for anyone’s life.

10. It gives you a sexy edge

There is something sexy about not wearing any underwear. Just imagine going to a public place and not wearing any panties. It is a great feeling.

Also, if you’re wearing tight clothing, you’ll be even sexier. It will boost your confidence knowing you don’t have anything covering you down there.

However, it might feel a little odd at first, especially if you’re wearing a mini-skirt or something like that. But you’ll get used to it!

11. It can help with foreplay

Girls who go commando have a better sex life. It can be a huge turn-on when it comes to foreplay. Every man will fall for you if you say, ‘‘I am not wearing anything down there.’’

It’s a fun way to start something sexy with your partner, which is the key idea.

You can whisper it in their ear while on a date or in a public place. It will be enough to persuade them to shorten the date so they can take you home!

12. A fresher smell

The first time you go commando, you’ll realize how fresh the smell is. This only applies if you’re keeping your labia shaved and clean.

As mentioned, wearing no underwear will cool your lady parts, and this way, you’ll prevent bacteria from growing. And bacteria are what produce the unpleasant smell.

13. No panty lines

No girl loves the dreaded VPL (visible panty lines), especially during summertime when you wear tight clothes and mini skirts, but the same applies to yoga pants.

Even the best underwear can ruin the perfect outfit. I remember how thongs ruined my outfit at a high school party, and I was so annoyed!

Going commando, you’ll never have to worry if you pick the right pair of pants!

14. You’ll have more room for other things

We all know what a nightmare it can be to pack things, especially if you’re the type of girl who travels a lot.

Underwear often takes up most of the space because you need to bring at least two pairs of underwear for each day of your vacation. But that space could be used for an amazing outfit or another makeup bag.

15. You’ll be a little rebel

Not wearing underwear will activate your rebellious attitude. You will feel unstoppable in everything you do.

I saw a TikTok the other day where a girl talked about how going commando changed her life. Maybe it’s time to change yourself as well.

16. It protects your vulva from injury

The tissue that makes up your labia outside of your vagina is sensitive, much like your lips.

Artificial fabric-based tight underwear can cause chafing and irritate the flesh surrounding the labia. This puts you at risk for injury, bleeding, and even infection while also damaging your skin. Additionally, it hurts.

Ditching the underwear can minimize or eliminate the risk of chafing, especially if you wear loose-fitting clothing.


What does it mean if a girl goes commando?

Going commando is slang for not having any underwear on. Elite soldiers who are prepared to fight at a moment’s notice are referred to as commandos.

Therefore, when you aren’t wearing any underwear, you are prepared to act at any time – free of bothersome underwear.

Is it good for girls to go commando?

Going commando has many benefits, which we’ve mentioned above. However, sometimes going commando isn’t practical, for example, during your menstrual cycle.

Besides this, underwear serves as a protective layer, increasing your chance of developing vaginitis, yeast infections, or skin irritations. Due to vaginal discharge, you’ll need to change and wash your pants all of the time.

To Sum Up

Girls going commando isn’t a big deal anymore. Even if you have the best underwear, it can be annoying sometimes.

Going commando has many benefits, and I’m sure you’re aware of them now. If you’re done feeling like a cute little cupcake and want to experience being rebellious, go for it!But be aware that there are also many side effects of going commando, like developing vaginitis, yeast infections, and skin irritations.