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7 Places He Touches You: What Do They Mean?

7 Places He Touches You: What Do They Mean?

Finally ladies, there is a definite answer to whether he likes you or not.

How many times has it happened to you that you’ve been faced with an ‘is he interested or not’ dilemma and you couldn’t figure out the answer?

How many times was it that you just couldn’t read all the signs and try to figure out if he was even worth your time? Because if he doesn’t like you and only wants to be your friend, you’re wasting your time planning on how to seduce him.

Now you have the answer. Pay close attention to where he touches you and how and you’ll know for sure what his intentions are:



If he wants to touch your face, it means that he wants to get close to you.

You’d think that the face is not attractive to men and that they only look at boobs and butts.

But, no, there are some features of your face that intrigue men the minute they see it.

The eyes are something that most men first see in a woman and right after that it’s the lips.

The lips are the most sexy part of a woman’s body. Lips are sexy because they make men think about kissing and nibbling your lips.

They get turned on immediately and your lips are definitely something you should pay attention to with a touch of lipstick to make them pop even more.

If he stares at your lips, he is definitely interested more than just a friend.


When a man touches your hair it definitely means that he has developed some romantic feelings toward you.

Let’s say you have known him for quite some time and you hang out together but you don’t know how he feels about you.

Sometimes he sends you mixed signals but that happens only when he’s drunk.

When you wake up in the morning and see him again, he’s acting normally.

He’s probably into you but doesn’t know how to tell you or is just scared that you’ll turn him down.

Anyway, the definite way to find out is if he touches your hair when he’s close to you.

If he strokes or smells your hair, he definitely wants something more than just being friends.


The touch of a hand is a body language sign that screams he likes you.

Why would a friend or someone you know casually touch your hand?

Although hands are used when people meet and greet every day, when a man touches your hand for no particular reason, it means he has feelings for you and wants to use every possible moment to touch you and to feel you.

Although, don’t get excited if he high-fives you or brushes against your hand accidentally because that doesn’t mean anything.

But if he lightly punches you or places his hand on yours all of a sudden, then you have something to work with.


Unlike these other body parts that I’ve mentioned, legs are the more delicate parts of the female body and there is really no need for men to touch them unless they are crazy about you.

Most men get crazy over a woman’s legs. They turn them on, especially if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress and you expose them with a nice pair of heels.

That is definitely every man’s fetish, a nice pair of legs in pretty heels.

You’ll know he’s craving your body if he touches you on your thigh. He knows thighs are erotic zones of every woman’s body and he is trying to provoke an erotic reaction and literally turn you on because he likes you.

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If a man places his hand on your back, it gives you security. Maybe not that much of a physical one as an emotional one but he is letting you know that he is right behind you and that you can count on him in every situation.

Once again, don’t confuse that soft touch on the shoulder with a light punch that a friend would do.

There is a big difference and it wouldn’t be wise to mix them up and get the completely wrong picture. You could make a mistake and lose a good friend.


You’d think that the shoulders are not an important part of the female body but you’d be very wrong.

This has nothing to do with sex or sensuality, it has to do with support, like a touch on the back.

If he places his hands on your shoulders, he is trying to let you know that he is there for you whenever you need him. He is giving you his emotional support if he feels that you need it.


If he touches your hips, then you can be sure that he wants to have you. There is no more game playing or chasing around.

This is the moment when all masks fall and you lay your cards on the table.

Better use this one and be honest about your feelings. Who knows? Maybe you’ve just landed the man of your dreams.