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6 Types Of Domestic Violence And Ways To Fight Against Them

6 Types Of Domestic Violence And Ways To Fight Against Them

Domestic violence is definitely a hot topic nowadays.

Wherever I go, I hear stories about this kind of violence, and the worst thing is that people who desperately need help and protection can’t fully get it.

The abuser will always find ways to hurt his victims, so they can never relax and feel protected.

Most people believe that domestic violence is connected only to physical abuse, but it is so much more than that.

I will mention just a couple of types of domestic violence, and what is more important, how you can fight against them.

Physical abuse

This is one of the most common types of violence.

It probably happened before as well, but women would keep their mouths shut because it was not nice to talk about family problems in public.

Many women around the world put up with this kind of abuse, and some of them simply can’t find ways to leave their abusers.

Sometimes they stay for the kids, for financial reasons or they simply buy all those things their abuser tells them.

All abusers have one thing in common—they are great at playing mind games and making people believe them.

That is the main reason many women stay in shitty marriages and relationships hoping it will get better.

But the harsh truth is that it will never get better. It can only get worse.

If you stay with your abuser, you are just showing him that you are okay with what he does to you.

This is something no woman should ever put up with, and it is better to leave than to show to your kids what marriage and love are not about.

I know it will be hard at the beginning but at least you will take off of that heavy burden of your back.

Remember that luck is always on the side of the brave ones!

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse is something that has probably happened to all of you.

Maybe it won’t happen at the beginning of your relationship, but it can happen later in long-term relationships.

Just like physical abuse, it hurts but in a different way.

And even though your abuser uses words instead of fists, his words can hurt you more than some physical wounds.

They can heal but what is once said can’t get out of our mind just like that.

Verbal abuse is name calling, yelling, and swearing. It is not pleasant to be a victim of it, and it surely is not nice to hear someone doing this.

Unfortunately, it happens in most families, but abusers often say they are sorry after they cool down a bit.

Anyone can go crazy about something once in a while, but your loved one shouldn’t be the one you will yell at because they probably didn’t mean to do anything that could hurt you.

It is in vain to yell at someone and later say you are sorry if you are planning to do it again.

So, if you were or are a victim of verbal abuse, don’t think it will pass if you don’t do something about it.

Once you stand up for yourself and show your abuser that he can’t treat you like shit, he will change his behavior toward you.

That is the only way you can save yourself from something like this.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. Period.

Just imagine the man you fell for, the one you have kids with, the one who meant the world to you treats you like this.

Men and women should be equal, and this is something that you shouldn’t tolerate.

You can have sex with someone only if you give your approval. Otherwise, it is rape, and it shouldn’t be forgiven.

Unfortunately, many women stay in this sick environment for reasons known only to them when in fact, they should run as fast as they can.

They put up with everything bad that happens to them for the sake of old times, hoping things will get better.

But they never do. They can get even worse, and that is something you shouldn’t put up with.

If you are a sexual violence victim, you should find help because being treated like that is not the way you deserve.

Financial abuse  

This kind of abuse has become pretty popular these days, and it is spreading like a plague.

The abuser controls all the family income, and even if you earned that money, he doesn’t let you to spend it like you would like to.

He is someone who uses all your cards and sometimes buys unnecessary stuff just because he likes it.

He is not man enough to go out and earn some of his money.

It is much easier to use you for all the things he needs, and if you don’t say anything about that, he will just keep doing it.

So, if you want to control your money and to provide yourself with the things you need, you should tell him that you won’t put up with his shit any longer.

Tell him you will leave and that he will never see you again. In fact, don’t just say that but do it just so you could see how he will act.

I am sure he will come to your doorstep and beg you to come home because he can’t take care of himself.

The worst thing you can do is to keep your mouth shut because in that way, you are just showing him that he can do whatever he wants with you.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse, like any other abuse, hurts and is not easy to handle.

It is often connected with your abuser controlling your relationships with your friends and family, intimidating you in different ways, turning the kids against you, and telling all sorts of lies just so other people would hate you.

It is hard to go through all of this because after some time of being exposed to such abuse, you might start feeling depressed and anxious.

Being with someone who keeps telling you that you are not good enough and that you would be zero without them can get on your nerves.

That is not typical behavior for a happy marriage or other close relationship.

It doesn’t have anything to do with love, and nobody should tolerate that. Neither should you.

If you are a victim of this kind of abuse, I suggest you find professional help as soon as possible because you need someone to talk to about your problems.

But the most important thing you need to do is to actually go away from your abuser.

Social abuse  

This kind of abuse has become more and more popular in the world of modern dating.

It happens when your partner forbids you to go out with people he doesn’t like.

Most of those people are men, and he does that because he is intimidated by them.

Also, telling you he is the only man you need in order to be happy is something most social abusers say to isolate their victims.

They do everything in their power to tear the bonds you have with your families and friends.

In that way, abusers want to make their victims easier to attack because if they don’t have anyone to help them with advice, the victims will stick to their abusers, thinking they are the best they can get.

So, if you ever see signs of this kind of abuse, you need to react right away.

You should never let anyone treat you like this because you run your life, not the man you live with.

It is essential to always stand up for yourself and to never beg for anything.

Always show everyone that you are not someone who will give up just like that and that you will fight for your beliefs until your last breath.