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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Sleeping Next To Someone You Love

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Sleeping Next To Someone You Love

You wake up smiling

There is literally nothing better than waking up next to someone you love. Just the look on their sleepy face will make you instantly happy.

Curling up in their warm embrace right upon waking up really is the best way to start the day. Even a short cuddle will give you enough strength to confront the challenges of the day and have a positive start to it.

Your relationship gets stronger and stronger

Even though sleeping snuggled up sounds and is so romantic, it’s also very hard and unmanageable for most people. That’s why most people snuggle after and before sleep.

This is great as cuddling increases intimacy and strengthens the bond you have with your partner. Also, simply sleeping next to each other shouldn’t be underestimated—it gives you the much-needed feelings of safety and love.

You cuddle more often

Sometimes life gets hectic, especially during the work week. That’s why it’s important to lie next to someone at the end of your busy day.

Even if you cuddle for a brief moment, it will take away the stress of the entire day, it will give you the opportunity to talk for a while and spend some quality time together, even if it’s just minutes before sleep.

You always have weekends or days off to sleep in and catch up on cuddling.

It forms deeper connections than sex

Sleeping next to someone you love, alongside cuddling, is one of the best indicators of a healthy and happy relationship. A lot of recent studies show that couples who cuddle more often stay together longer.

They are more faithful and more committed. Their intimacy level is high and emotional connections are deeper than with couples who base their relationship on sex.

It works wonders for your health

More often than not, we forget the importance that a good night’s sleep has when it comes to our health.

Sleep strengthens the immune system, maintains a healthy body weight, it slows down aging, makes you energized, etc. All in all, it makes you feel better, both physically and mentally.

Sleeping with someone enables you to fall asleep quicker and it also makes you wake up less often during the night. You are well-rested, in a better mood and feel healthier.

It will keep you warm during cold winter nights

Yes, most of us have a heating system in our apartment but there is nothing warmer than two bodies next to each other to give that extra warmth inside and out.

If you prefer, you can sleep naked without any fear of freezing or waking up in the middle of the night because you are cold.

Pillow talk is everything

Some of the best, deepest and silliest conversations you will ever have with your partner will happen with your heads on your pillows and your bodies close.

Your bed is your safe zone, both of you are relaxed and more open. That’s why pillow talk is so much more intimate and spontaneous than any other conversation. It also enables you both to go to sleep with clear heads and bonded hearts.