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If He Does These 7 Things, He Has Intimacy Issues

If He Does These 7 Things, He Has Intimacy Issues

Men in relationships can be difficult to say the least. But we can’t generalize and say that really every man in this world is afraid of being in love.

There are some clear indicators that tell you if he really does have intimacy issues that bother him and won’t let him fall in love so easily, though.

When he’s scared to be vulnerable there’s nothing much you can do about it. In order to save your fragile heart, beware of the signs that show he has intimacy issues.

He never talks about his feelings

Well, men usually have problems with communicating feelings, right? But if he doesn’t even try and every time you ask him about his problems he turns into this angry shell of a human being, you know that there’s something more complex bothering him.

This is a clear sign that he doesn’t know how to be close to you so he turns to anger or he avoids you completely.

Talking about his problems means being vulnerable and intimate with someone, and he simply doesn’t know how to do that.

He doesn’t want to have sex

Really unusual for a man but it’s very possible. Sex is a very intimate act and he simply doesn’t want you to get that close to him.

You would see him in his rawest form and you would be able to see all of his imperfections, so why would he want you to get that close to him?

He only wants sex

The opposite of that is that he wants sex without any feelings involved. There is a completely different side to intimacy issues where men see sex as a need more than an act of love and that’s why they go for sex.

If you try talking to him he’ll just start kissing you, avoiding the conversation completely.

Sex is just a way to have some fun in his eyes and he doesn’t want a serious relationship with feelings involved, because feelings are scary. It’s easier to be a sex addict.

He’s cheating on you

Because of the fact that he’s scared of being vulnerable and getting hurt, he does the hurting first.

This happens when he starts caring about you a lot and then he goes around having fun with other women, simply to see that he can do without you. He’s being immature and you’re way better than that. Just walk away from him.

He has high standards for relationships

He always complains about something you do, say or wear, simply because he has standards that are too high for any woman to reach.

His standards are unrealistic and he wants his dream woman to be perfect in order for him to be with her.

There isn’t a good chance that he is actually going to tell you what he wants but what’s more likely to happen is that he’ll expect you to read his mind and figure it out yourself.

He avoids alone time with you

Wherever there’s a possibility that you two might end up alone, he will run away.

If you call him over to your house, to watch some movies and have dinner, he won’t show up.

Probably because this scenario gives him the chills and it means that there’s a possibility that you two might talk about something thought-provoking or about your feelings. There’s nothing he hates more than that.

He lets you down

He’s never there for you when you need him. After a while you even stop calling him to help you out because you know he won’t show up.

It doesn’t matter how sick you are and that you can’t get out of your bed, there’s nothing that can make him see that you need him sometimes.