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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bother To Stay Friends With Your Ex

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bother To Stay Friends With Your Ex

No matter how tough you’re pretending to be, break-ups are painful for all of us.

I mean, it’s a person we love and hold very dear leaving our life and probably never coming back as a romantic partner.

That’s why we tend to hold on to those people tightly, thinking that having them in our life, even as friends, would be a good idea.

But believe me, it’s not. There are some things that simply don’t allow you two to stay friends without one of you (or both) getting more broken.

So listen to me, you can’t stay friends with your ex for the following reasons:

1. It isn’t healthy

Just imagine, he’s finding a new girlfriend, they’re having an amazing time together and he introduces the two of you.

Taking into consideration the fact that you had (and maybe still have) feelings for him, it will be impossible for you to not feel jealous.

You will envy her for no other reason than the fact that she has him and that he’s not holding you in his arms.

Whenever she tells you about something he did for her, it’ll remind you of your past with him and it will only hurt you more.

Don’t do this to yourself. You will end up caught in memories and the horrible feeling of envy.

2. You won’t be able to move on

Even if you do meet a new guy, you will be tied to your ex.

You will always go back to him because he knows you best and if you stay close friends he will consult you on your new partner.

You will compare them and all you are going to do with this is turn down an opportunity for a whole new beginning with someone who hasn’t done anything to hurt you.

3. You will end up in bed together

You really think that you can stay friends with someone who has seen you naked?

And do you really believe that you two can go out, get drunk and then not end up in the same bed together?

He knows where you want to be touched and you know what makes him go crazy for your body. You two are a disaster waiting to happen.

4. Your new partner will have a problem with it

Even if you do get the chance to move on and you find a new boyfriend, do you really think that he’s going to be OK with you two sitting at the same table as your ex?

Of course not. It’s disrespectful and you shouldn’t even bother to try and make them become friends.

That’s just asking for trouble. Respect your partner and discard your ex.

5. One of you will end up heartbroken

Not that the break-up itself was terrible but you two deciding to stay friends is guaranteeing that one of you will get their heart broken again.

One of you will continue misreading the signs the other one is sending or one of you might find a reason to try and ask for a restart on your relationship but the other side will just laugh it off.

Why would you ever want to go through that situation?

6. A relationship ending should be directed at personal growth

When you end a relationship, no matter whether you were the one hurt or the one who hurt someone else, you should always look at a break-up as a new beginning, like you’re starting your life anew and there is nothing to stop you.

This is the right time to try all those things you weren’t able to do while in a relationship—go out, be sexy, get drunk and so on.

So why do you really have to have a reminder by your side of your past experience, your broken heart and so on?

7. It’s not necessary

There are so many wonderful people out there who are dying to be your friend. So why not give them a try?

Why stay friends with an ex who probably doesn’t appreciate you enough to be there for you when you need him anyways?

Of course, I’m not saying to be sworn enemies, saying ‘Hi!’ while passing each other is OK.

But to hang out and pretend like nothing ever happened truly is a mistake.