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7 Revealing Signs You Are Past Life Lovers

7 Revealing Signs You Are Past Life Lovers

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve already met that one person somewhere, but you can’t recall where?

If you have, chances are that you actually did meet that one person – in your past life!

If you’re feeling like everything they do reminds you of something you’ve seen before, it’s no coincidence.

It means you probably have specific memories with that person that you’ve hung out with in your past life and that’s why now you have constant visions of so-called déjà vu.

The reasons why these occurrences happen are numerous. Perhaps your past life relationship wasn’t really successful and now you have another chance to make it work.

 Perhaps your past life partner cheated on you (or you cheated on them) and now you’ve been given a second chance to do things right.

Whatever the reason may be, one thing’s for sure – You are now reconnected because you’re meant to be together at this point in your life and this is how you’ll know it without a doubt!


You feel an instant connection

One of the biggest signs that you are past life lovers is the feeling of an intense and instant connection with each other!

You can’t put this feeling into words, but you feel like you’ve known them for years – it’s seen in the way you communicate, express your emotions, and the like.

Your connection is so strong that you forget about everything and everyone around you when spending time together.

Past life lovers have a deeply rooted connection with each other and that is why you have the feeling like you’ve been hanging out for years, when in reality it may be just a week or even a couple of days.

You can predict each other’s next moves

When you’re with a past life lover who is your soulmate, you’re able to predict what they will say or do next.

You can even finish each other’s sentences (which sounds really scary and almost unbelievable)!

It’s so easy for you to know what the other feels without even saying or hearing a word.

Past life lovers can predict each other’s moves better than anyone out there because they’ve already been in these situations and they’ve already talked about these things.

And our mind is a beautiful thing that doesn’t forget things so easily.

Your subconsciousness is constantly reminding you of what you’ve already heard or seen before.

You feel a connection across distance and time

You don’t only feel connected when you’re spending time together, you also feel a connection even across distance and time.

You may be miles away from each other and still feel that strong sensation within you telling you that you’re not alone and they are a part of you.

Past life lovers rarely feel lonely without each other because their connection is so strong that they don’t have to be physically present in order to feel it.

It’s deeply rooted into their beings and it’s one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

If you’re past life lovers, you will notice that you can be in a different city, state, or country and still feel like you’ve never been apart even for a second.

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When you’re together, it feels like home

It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you are together because when you’re together, it feels like home. Sound familiar?

If this rings true for you, it means your two souls create a home wherever you go and that’s why it doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of the street doing nothing or sunbathing on the most exotic island.

The only thing that matters is that you are together because there’s no place out there where you’d feel better than in each other’s arms.

Their presence soothes you. When they embrace you, it feels just like coming home, and you wouldn’t replace that feeling with anything else in the whole world.

You have memories together

This one’s really rare, but if it ever happens to you, then you can be one hundred percent sure you are past life lovers!

If you have memories together that only you two can recollect and no one around you remembers any of them, then you can be sure that this happened while you two were together in your past lives.

You see, the majority of your past life memories fade, but some of them might pop up at a certain period in time.

This usually happens when you start hanging out intensely or if you start doing the same things that you used to do before.

Your brain registers it as something that already happened and that is how you start remembering all of it.

You have no problem opening up to each other

Usually, when two people just meet, they don’t really feel that comfortable to open up entirely and talk about anything and everything.

They’re a little reserved because it’s normal to be kind of anxious regarding sharing your emotions and experiences with someone you just met.

But, if you feel like you have no problems opening up to each other and from the first day you’ve talked about anything and everything that came to mind, the chances are you’re past life lovers!

You have no difficulty sharing things with each other because you feel like you’ve already met them (which is true) and you have an ingrained deep sense of trust for each other.

When you’re together, you lose sense of time

Do you ever feel like hours turn into seconds when you’re spending time together?

When you’re past life lovers, you tend to lose sense of time and forget about everything around you once you’re together.

It’s because it is so easy to communicate and share things with each other to the extent of completely forgetting about reality.

After all, past life lovers have an amazing connection with each other and the more time they spend together, the stronger the bond they create.

So, if you recognize the majority of these signs and your gut is telling you that you’ve met them somewhere before, you can be sure that you’re experiencing a beautiful reconnection of past life lovers!