The “most likely to” questions game is actually created for you to get to know your friends and your partner better.

All you have to do is ask questions and guess who’s more likely to do a certain thing.

It really is the perfect game for Saturday nights with a group of friends and a great way to find out things about your significant other you never before dared to ask.

Also, we have a dirty version of “most likely to” questions that are bound to get you both in the mood and spark your imagination. They are perfect for foreplay.

So, keep on reading and start asking away!

Funny “Most Likely To” Questions

three friends talking and laughing

Who is most likely to…

1. end up homeless?

2. accidentally get killed?

3. change their gender?

4. experience a heart attack?

5. become famous?

6. do the most embarrassing things while drunk?

7. date a celebrity?

8. read a hundred books in a year?

9. start a family sooner than expected?

10. spend all their money in a casino?

two friend talking and smoking

11. be a supermodel?

12. pull a prank on a friend?

13. get a girl by writing her a poem?

14. move to another continent?

15. visit Australia just to see the kangaroos?

16. be an undercover agent?

17. take drugs?

18. have plastic surgery?

19. become poor?

20. become a vampire?

bunch of friends drinking together

21. become CEO of a company?

22. be a robot?

23. fail all of their exams?

24. learn Japanese?

25. go skydiving?

26. fall for Hugh Laurie?

27. learn how to play the harp?

28. quit their current job and become a billionaire anyway?

29. play League of Legends for days?

30. win a Nobel Prize?

nice blond woman with white glasses

31. be a sexist?

32. smoke weed with their kids?

33. get drunk tonight?

34. dance in the rain?

35. be your best friend in the nursing home?

36. become a philosopher?

37. win a Guinness World Record for something very stupid?

38. become known as the kindest person in the world?

39. climb Mount Everest?

40. fart loudly in a crowded room?

friends having fun and laughing

41. cover their eyes during a horror movie?

42. cry in a public place?

43. cry while watching a sad movie?

44. live with their parents after they’ve turned 30?

45. star in a movie as the villain?

46. be like their parents?

47. stay close friends?

48. catch their parents having sex?

49. find a million dollars on the road?

50. become a crazy cat lady?

sexy woman looking at mirror

51. stay forever single?

52. leave Earth and live on Mars?

53. be the last person on earth?

54. kill a person for money?

55. collect snakes?

56. have more than one girlfriend/boyfriend at a time?

57. change their religion?

58. finish their work late?

59. fall asleep during class or at work?

60. help the poor?

girl talking to little boy

61. wear black for the rest of their life?

62. find the love of their life at a party?

63. eat spicy food every day?

64. become a vegan?

65. go on a world tour in beer pong?

66. have more than 5 children?

67. worship the Norse gods?

68. become a successful stand-up comedian?

69. become a world-famous rock star?

70. find a job they love and hate at the same time?

handsome man in suite

71. open up a bar?

72. drink beer for the rest of their life?

73. get married before anyone else?

74. become an actor or an actress in a romantic movie?

75. laugh at lame jokes nobody else laughs at?

76. buy healing crystals?

77. study cannabis cultivation?

78. become a beekeeper?

79. color their hair a weird color?

80. go to a thrash metal concert?

a lot of people on the concert

81. become a great leader?

82. collect butterflies?

83. hug everyone in the room?

84. eat snow?

85. have the highest grades after not doing any work for the whole semester?

86. date Justin Bieber?

87. be on a reality show?

88. marry a celebrity?

89. do weird things in a public place?

90. be so bored that they yawn all the time?

bored man looking at phone

91. shift their career path and become a gynecologist?

92. watch chick flicks with their girlfriend/boyfriend?

93. eat raw eggs?

94. eternally suffer over a breakup?

95. meet a genie?

96. catch a golden fish?

97. owe you money?

98. become the eighth wonder of the world?

99. get married for the money?

100. start a relationship with someone just because they have a great car?

mighty car on the road

101. date a witch?

102. work at NASA?

103. work at Microsoft?

104. get kicked out of class / work meeting?

105. donate money to The Naked Clowns Foundation?

106. get mad over the small things?

107. start living in a van?

108. go bungee jumping because they lost a bet?

109. eat their birthday cake alone?

110. get a tattoo?

woman with tattoo on her hand

111. own thousands of dresses?

112. become a pilot?

113. eat raw meat for money?

114. become a psychopath?

115. spend most of their time being lazy?

116. be a heartbreaker?

117. do something big in their life?

118. go crazy and even spend some time in a looney bin, a few years from now?

119. backstab their friends?

120. outlive a zombie apocalypse?

woman zombie posing at camera

121. burp in a crowded room?

122. get pregnant soon?

123. have a secret crush on a celebrity?

124. become a drama queen?

125. secretly listen to classical music?

126. marry a nerd?

127. be filthy rich?

128. go bankrupt?

129. outlive us all?

130. become the next senator of our state?

young man standing in big building

131. have legal problems?

132. end up on a deserted island?

133. star in a TV show?

134. drive a Lamborghini and not have enough money to pay for the gas?

135. win a burger-eating contest?

136. set a Guinness world record for the longest career as an ice cream man?

137. break the world record in sleeping?

138. become an Instagram influencer for no reason?

139. move abroad to a big city?

140. raise sheep and live in the countryside?

man with lot of sheeps outdoor

141. be an extra in a romantic movie?

142. move to the North Pole?

143. Bb the dancing queen/king of the nursing home?

144. still have an imaginary best friend?

145. have a cuddle buddy?

146. change their name?

147. join the military?

148. be late to their own wedding?

149. find a part-time job as a waiter/waitress?

150. quit their day job and work at McDonald’s?

McDonald's work place

151. learn a martial art?

152. be a cocktail master?

153. be an expert at all sorts of alcoholic drinks?

154. drunk-text their ex?

155. listen to the same lame pop song and hide it from their friends?

156. become a priest or a nun?

157. get divorced because of their gaming addiction?

158. earn some serious money due to their groundbreaking idea?

159. already have a tattoo that is very well hidden?

160. fall asleep on public transportation?

161. have something embarrassing about them go viral?

“Most Likely To” Questions Dirty Version

blond woman giving a wink

Who is most likely to…

1. undress in a public place?

2. watch porn first thing in the morning?

3. have a foot fetish?

4. have sex on a daily basis?

5. have a wet dream tonight?

6. draw a picture of their penis or vagina on a wall?

7. send a dick pic?

8. be horny all the time?

9. have a crush on their boss?

10. become addicted to sex?

woman covered with sheet on the bed

11. have a fuck budy?

12. know the names of all the famous pornstars?

13. send nudes to their crush?

14. have some hidden, kinky sexual desires?

15. have drunk sex?

16. have a one-night-stand?

17. flirt by using dirty jokes?

18. touch a random man’s or woman’s butt?

19. become a porn star?

20. have sex for money?

woman in red panties sitting on the man

21. have lost their virginity in high school?

22. have sex in public?

23. kiss a stranger?

24. cheat on their girlfriend/boyfriend?

25. have a threesome?

26. have a gay/lesbian experience?

27. have the loudest orgasm ever?

28. be a screamer during sex?

29. buy or use weird sex toys?

30. wax their privates?

woman with naked legs on the bed

31. visit a strip club on a regular basis?

32. swing when coupled up?

33. become polyamorous?

34. have a super embarrassing one night stand?

35. have been friend-zoned after a weird sexual experience?

36. be into rough sex?

37. be into a dominant and submissive relationship?

38. be the dominant person?

39. be a submissive person?

38. be into vanilla sex?

39. listen to classical music during intercourse?

40. have the hots for a nerd?

sexy woman standing by the window

41. prefer the on top position?

42. use dirty would you rather game as foreplay?

43. like nooners?

45. have quickies at work?

46. have the dirtiest fantasy?

47. get horny in an inappropriate situation?

48. have masturbated in a public bathroom?

49. have had car sex?

50. have had fantasies about one of their teachers?

naked woman with flower in bed

51. be good in bed?

52. blindfold or handcuff their partner?

53. get aroused by dirty talk?

54. have witnessed another couple get it on without them knowing?

55. accept an invitation from a couple to be their “third”?

56. experience an orgy?

57. have orgasmed in your sleep?

58. prefer amateur porn over professional one?

59. do just about anything in bed?

60. experiment with new sex positions?

skinny girl sitting on the bed

61. write a book on their own sex life?

62. have had elevator sex?

63. be a member of the mile-high club?

64. change sexual orientation?

65. hook up with someone from his/her group of friends?

66. to have a friend with benefits?

67. hook up with somebody older?

68. hook up with somebody younger?

69. say 69 is their favorite position?

70. have a bunch of meaningless flings?

sexy woman laying in the bathtube

71. get caught cheating?

72. be with someone just because sex is great, even though everything else is not functioning?

73. be a perfect kisser?

74. have a home sex tape?

75. have a three digit number of lovers during their life?

76. sleep with just one person during their entire life?

77. give up sex?

78. be good at sexting?

78. send a sext to their ex?

79. have wild sex with someone they didn’t find attractive at first?

80. he familiar only with missionary position?

young couple kissing passionate

81. have anal sex?

82. be great at oral sex?

83. do it on the kitchen table?

84. have sex in a house full of other people?

85. do it with the lights on?

86. prefer reading an erotic novel over watching porn?

87. have a partner who is a sex addict ?

88. be lousy at foreplay?

89. receive oral sex after this game?

90. have phone sex?

sexy blond woman posing

91. have cybersex?

92. end up on the sex offenders list?

93. like playing sexy games?

94. try role-play?

95. say vulgar thing during sex?

96. kiss and tell?

97. have sex on the first date?

98. skip foreplay and go straight to business?

99. be naughty in bed?

100. be a biter?

sexy woman in the pool

101. be given a lap dance?

102. have received a lap dance?

103. tried skinny dipping?

104. send a naughty pic to somebody?

105. sunbathe nude?

106. leave their house without any underwear?

107. have walked the walk of shame?

108. have done it in the pool?

109. use lies to get laid?

110. have worn someone else’s underwear?

woman wearing a sexy underwear

111. be into some weird things?

112. whistle at someone?

113. be caught looking at naughty content?

114. have dated two people at the same time?

115. approach a hooker?

116. say the wrong name during sex?

117. sext the wrong person?

118. have sexual fantasies about someone in this room?

119. have unprotected sex?

120. fake an orgasm?

sexy young woman laying on the bed in sunlight

121. shop in an adult store?

122. be kissed by a stranger?

123. squirt during intercourse?

124. slip a number to a waiter?

125. flash a bartender to get a free drink?

126. fool around with someone on their summer vacation?

126. peek at someone in the shower?

127. play Dirty Truth or Dare with their partner?

128. have a sexy dream about Justin Bieber?

129. lick whipped cream off someone?

130. get hurt during sex?

young woman standing alone in the room

131. have done it on the beach?

132. experience a full-body massage?

133. be shy in the bedroom?

134. go out in the world without a bra?

135. have experienced sex standing up?

136. own a Kama Sutra book?

137. have performed a striptease for their girlfriend/boyfriend?

138. be into flavored condoms?

139. have a foot fetish?

140. like being choked?

beautiful woman in sweater sitting on the bed

141. be into outdoor sex?

142. have sex in a jacuzzi?

149. be too tired to have sex?

150. have their nude photos posted online?

151. change career and work in a brothel?

152. fall asleep during sex?

153. cry during sex?

Couples’ “Most Likely” To Questions

couple having fun in play room

Who is most likely to…

1. forget the birthday of their partner?

2. treat their wife or husband well?

3. have a long-lasting, serious relationship?

4. fight with their partner all the time?

5. use a dating website?

6. date a few people at once?

7. lie about their partner’s appearance?

8. complain about their partner to his/her coworkers?

9. say I love you first?

10. clear their phone or computer history on a regular basis?

woman typing on her mobile phone

11. say I love you without really meaning it?

12. dream about someone other than their partner?

13. flirt with someone else while in a relationship?

14. bring their partner home to meet the parents.

15. have hidden kinky desires?

16. have had a rebound at some point?

17. have someone check you out without you knowing it?

18. smell their partner’s clothes when folding it?

19. want to change something about their partner?

20. Google sex positions to spice things up?

woman with pink nails holding a phone

21. want to have a baby (or another one)?

22. give a sexy nickname to their partner?

23. daydream about their wedding night?

24. take their husband or wife on a second honeymoon?

25. fetch the stars out of the sky for their loved one?

26. make a long-distance relationship work?

27. send a dirty text to the wrong person?

28. forget why they walked into a room?

29. embarrass their partner while drunk?

30. get cold feet on their wedding day?

wedding rings on the flowers

31. post a kissing picture on their Instagram with hashtag #perfect kissers?

32. buy the other person a gift they will hate?

33. reach climax first?

34. bring a sex toy into the bedroom?

35. get caught watching porn?

36. get arrested?

37. initiate sex?

38. fall asleep during a movie?

39. curse in front of a child?

40. write a love poem?

woman with blue eyes holding a book

41. take a nap in the middle of the day?

42. sing along to a catchy song on the radio?

43. ignore their phone when their boss calls?

44. laugh during a funeral?

45. get jealous for no good reason?

46. forget their vows on their wedding day?

47. leave the dishes in the sink for an entire day?

48. pick the lamest movie ever to watch?

49. win a board game?

50. bring home a stray cat or dog?

happy little dog running

51. throw out their partner’s items?

52. burn the meal they’re cooking?

53. cheat?

54. steal hotel toiletries?

55. waste money on shopping?

56. keep silent when they’re upset?

57. eat a bag of chips within half an hour?

58. go a week without showering?

59. take pictures of their partner while they’re sleeping?

60. steal all of the blankets?

happy couple in blanket

61. lose their keys?

62. forget to pay monthly bills?

63. win a reality TV show competition?

64. host a pre-drinking before a party?

65. turn down an invitation to socialize with a bunch of friends to stay home and watch Netflix?

66. complain about money?

67. eat fast food for a whole week?

68. eat leftovers, because “we don’t waste food”?

69. get up on stage and sing karaoke?

70. teach the other one to dance?

young couple dancing in the wood

71. send a followup text?

72. get sunburns because they forgot to use sunscreen?

73. play a prank on their partner?

74. call their partner and declare their love while drunk?

75. accidentally drop their phone in the toilet?

76. approach a celebrity they see on the street?

77. complain about something trivial?

78. wake up in the middle of the night because they have to pee?

79. read a book just because it’s trending and everyone else has been talking about it?

80. swear they saw a unicorn?

bunch of plastic uncicorn balloons

81. swim for an hour straight?

82. spill almost anything they drink?

83. forget an appointment?

84. walk around the apartment naked?

85. befriend a stranger over the internet?

86. pass out once they see a drop off blood?

87. cancel plans at the last minute?

88. make an effort and set up a romantic date?

89. take a long time to text back?

90. order the cheapest item on the restaurant menu?

couple waiting for food

91. bitch about how tired they are?

92. fall asleep in public?

93. twerk on the dance floor?

94. freak out over a pregnancy?

95. snore in their sleep?

96. mention their ex?

97. set their friend up on a blind date?

98. get angry over a text they misinterpreted?

99. get a tattoo of their partner’s name?

100. be indecisive even with simple decisions?

woman kissing a smiling man

101. be a good parent?

102. be a strict parent?

103. be a laid back and cool mom/dad?

104. remain asleep when the alarm goes off?

105. stay calm in a crisis?

106. occupy the bathroom for at least half an hour every morning?

107. behave awkwardly around in-laws?

108. break their phone screen?

109. gorget to pick the kids up from school?

110. be a sore loser?

young man with beard looking away

111. go grocery shopping and forget half of the things they were supposed to get?

112. keep clothes or items in in storage even though they haven’t worn or used them in years?

113. keep their maiden name?

114. attend a party just for the food?

115. forget the names of the new people they meet?

116. lose their wallet?

117. forget their wedding or relationship anniversary?

118. get out of the bed for a late night snack?

119. be overly critical?

120. be pessimistic about everything?

sad woman sitting alone by the lake

121. fart in front of their partner?

123. make a huge mess in the apartment?

124. lock their key in the car?

125. lock themselves out of the house?

126. age well?

127. score the highest grades in a game of “How well do you know your partner”?

128. take everything too literally?

129. take a long time getting ready?

130. say something cute and embarrassing in public?

happy woman laughing loud

131. lose their temper over an insignificant issue?

132. call someone for no reason?

133. wear mismatched socks by accident?

134. forget to do the dishes?

135. care for their partner while sick?

136. always be happy?

137. organize a romantic trip for two?

138. surprise their partner?

139. try out something new?

140. forget their first kiss?

young couple kissing

Most likely to questions is a funny and engaging game that you can play no matter how old you are.

It’s a perfect combination of would you rather , truth or dare , tag questions, as well as never have I ever questions .

This game is perfect when you want to get to know someone better and connect with them on a deeper level.

The dirty version is obviously for spicing things up and getting in the mood.

This game also provides you with once in a lifetime opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to but haven’t yet built up the courage.

In case this list doesn’t cover all the “most likely to” questions you want, you can always use your imagination, be creative, and add some more questions to the list every time you play.

We won’t mind if you decide to send us some because this is a game we also love to play.

400+ Most Likely To Questions That Are Perfect For Hanging Out