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7 Signs He Is A Sadist You Should Be Running Away From

7 Signs He Is A Sadist You Should Be Running Away From

In my opinion, there is no greater danger in this world, there is no man out there more abusive, more manipulative, more frightening, than a sadist.

A sadist is someone who gets pleasure and sexual gratification by inflicting pain on others.

Seeing people suffer is what these people love the most, because in this way they feel empowered and like they are at the top of the food chain.

Let me just tell you that a sadist does not limit himself when inflicting emotional or physical pain. People like him simply love to have the whole package deal.

Many times we are not even aware of the fact that they are around us because they blend in with the crowd amazingly well.

The most frightening thing about them is the fact that you can’t spot them easily.

But in order to help you, in order to save you, there are a few signs he is a sadist that you have to keep an eye out for.

1. He can’t empathize with you

His charm is undeniable, I must say. But for that same reason, at the very beginning of your encounter, you will not be able to see if he truly does empathize with you.

After a while, it will be extremely obvious that this man doesn’t know how to feel remorse, let alone say something comforting to make you feel better.

He rationalizes everything to an extent, which only makes you feel worse.

He simply is not able to share your emotions nor understand what you’re going through and at one point it will be more than obvious.

2. He is not afraid to use violence

Have you ever seen a man who isn’t afraid to just jump on someone in a bar and start a fight? Believe me, he loves it.

If you see him ruthlessly beating up another human being without even wanting to stop, there is a huge possibility that that man is a sadist.

This violence doesn’t only happen to other adult men but to women, children and also animals. It’s really horrifying.

3. He has weird fetishes

Being dominant in the bedroom and being a sadist are two very different things.

A man who is dominant gives his submissive partner the pleasures she desires.

While a sadist loves something completely different. This is the biggest red flag you will come across.

If the man you’re with is very rough with you during sex, to the point where he hurts you and doesn’t even care that you’re yelling and begging him to stop, he for sure is a sadist.

You have to be aware of the fact that sadists have a hard time experiencing love and for that same reason, they don’t mind hurting others.

His fetishes may include bondage and things a dominant would use but sometimes it’s just the rough and merciless act that gets him off.

4. He is controlling

By inflicting pain on others, sadists feel in control of the situation and their life.

For that same reason, he searches for control in every other aspect of his life.

He might even be finding himself a way into your life and controlling you.

From the time that you eat and sleep to picking you up from work just so you won’t leave with someone else.

A red flag might be if he doesn’t like you doing anything in secrecy and he has to observe every single aspect of your life and tell you what to do. Of course, if he doesn’t get what he wants, he turns to violence.

5. His jokes are somewhat disturbing

It’s called dark humor, I know. But sometimes we really have to ask ourself if some jokes go a little too far.

If he finds jokes about inflicting pain and suffering amusing, it’s a huge red flag.

No matter what you might find to be funny, if he is constantly telling you jokes that are inappropriate and don’t make you feel good at all, if it feels like he empathizes more with the killer in the story than the victim, then he might be a sadist.

6. His vocabulary is even more disturbing

You know that people tend to say weird things on a daily basis but a sadist does it in another fashion.

His words, his sentences, everything, assumes him hurting someone.

He might say something like:

“I get happy by seeing them suffer.”

“I got so mad I wanted to kill someone.”

“You would enjoy violence too, just give it a try.”

7. People warn you about him

Yes, I agree that people can be ruthless and that their opinions on someone or something can’t always be reliable.

But if people constantly come up to you to tell you that he is bad news, telling you that he gets into fights very often, that he breaks glasses in bars and that he is very cruel with women…

… you better believe them.