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6 Sad Reasons Why Men Cheat, According To Psychology

6 Sad Reasons Why Men Cheat, According To Psychology

Cheating sucks. Period. It is never nice to hear that your partner cheated on you while you gave him all of your love, the best years of your life and your unconditional support and understanding.

But the fact is that cheating nowadays happens like it is the most normal thing in the world. Guys cheat on girls and girls cheat on guys. It looks like they are competing to see who will cheat more.

There is none of that old-fashioned type of love where you commit to one partner for the rest of your life.

There is none of that eternal love that will last forever and that people will talk about.

Unfortunately, nowadays all that you can get is love built on attraction while real love is slowly vanishing.

But in all that mess, I always wanted to know why a guy will cheat on the woman he swears he loves Why?

What is the scientific or psychological reason behind that?

And you know what? I found out all about the possible reasons that are behind each and every infidelity that guys make.

If you want to know what happens in their head and where they reach their breaking point, read more and find out the real reasons for men cheating in relationships.

1. They want to check if they are still desirable to others

If a man is in a long-term relationship, he might think that he is not attractive to other women anymore and he will do everything in his power to prove himself wrong.

That is the moment he will start chasing other women and having affairs with them.

During that time, he will start taking care of his looks more than usual and he will neglect his partner.

He will probably lose interest in her and start finding other women on different dating sites.

The adrenaline will make him feel desirable again and he won’t want to let go of that feeling.

The problem is that it is all in his head and because of his different behavior toward other women and their feedback, he will gladly continue this chasing game.

2. They want to try something new

Men get to a phase in their life when they will start noticing things they have never noticed before.

They will start noticing that some of their friends have better jobs, more beautiful wives or more money.

And if they can’t show off with the same things, they will be disappointed but at the same time frustrated.

It is well-known that many guys act like small kids and that in case they don’t get what they want right away, they will act like spoiled brats.

If life doesn’t give them all that they wanted, they will seek comfort in another place.

And what is better than finding a new woman, a soul who will be able to understand you and who will give you some fun with no strings attached.

That is how they start cheating and they will continue to and some of them will even fall in love with their mistresses.

In this way, many happy marriages fall apart and kids live in broken homes.

3. They are insecure

If a man is insecure, he will try to show himself that he can do better and that he can seduce any woman he wants.

Maybe he will need more time than usual to make that happen but once he reaches his goal, he will be so proud of himself.

That new feeling will fill him with joy and happiness and he won’t be able to stay away from his addiction.

He will even wonder why he didn’t do something like this before because it feels so good.

When he realizes that he has found the medicine for his affliction, he will just continue doing it without any remorse.

There are guys out there who even go so far as to leave their families to be with their mistresses.

It all comes from the feeling of being insecure and in the end, it is the only reason why their relationships fall apart.

4. They cheat because all their friends do so

Peer pressure is a tricky thing, that is for sure.

If a man sees that all of his friends have someone on the side and if they tell him how great it is, he will try it, even if it’s only once.

If his friends tell him that it feels so great to relax with a woman who doesn’t ask for explanations, who always looks great and who makes him feel good, he will try it sooner or later.

He will be curious because he will want to know if he will feel the same way.

That’s why he will start exploring with other women, learning new things that will excite him and behaving as he has never done before.

The problem is that it all starts off so innocent but as it is moving forward, the consequences become more and more visible.

5. They cheat because they have the chance to

Most men admit that the reason they ever cheated on their partners was that they had the chance to.

If you add some alcohol to that story, it is guaranteed that they will end up with another woman in a hotel room.

Some of them might even be in happy marriages and have lives they have always dreamed about but they feel that something is missing.

So they start cheating on their partners, thinking that they will feel better.

But what they don’t know is that this joy and happiness will last only for a short time because two women are hard to handle.

You have to lie, make excuses and sleep with one eye open if you want to make both of them feel good.

Any man will get tired of that and he will realize that cheating on his partner and living a life like this was anything but a good decision.

So, the next time you wish to cheat, just give up on the idea because it is really not worth it.

6. They seek what they don’t get at home

There are men who are so selfish and if they don’t get what they want at home, they will find it in another place.

Some go that far and even admit that to their wives, thinking they will stay after they hear how they feel.

What these men don’t know is that those women, their wives, are sometimes tired of cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids and going to work.

Men behave like hotel guests and then they blame their wives for being so tired and why they don’t have sex with them. And that sucks. It really does.

It hurts so much to hear something like that from someone you share your life with, whom you gave the best years of your life and whom you always put first.

Guys who do this actually think they didn’t do anything bad and in most cases, they blame their partners.

They are simply blind to see all the bad things they have done and they don’t do anything to improve their relationships.