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7 Signs He Isn’t Playing Hard To Get, He Is Just Playing With You

7 Signs He Isn’t Playing Hard To Get, He Is Just Playing With You

Most of us are pretty much guarded at the beginning of a new relationship and that is something completely natural for both men and women.

It is not unusual for a guy to be afraid of being hurt or for a guy to be too careful around the girl he likes until he is sure that she is worthy of him letting her in completely.

However, there is a huge difference between a guy who is actually crazy about you but is afraid to show his true emotions so as not to get his heart broken and a guy who is only stringing you along.

Even though this difference is sometimes vague and difficult to determine, there are some signs which can help you see that a guy is not playing hard to get but playing you and here are 7 of them.

He treats you like his second choice

Or even worse—like his last resort. Whether you like to admit it or not, the truth is that you are nowhere near this guy’s priority list.

Everything is more important than you—his job, his hobbies and his friends.

I am not saying that he should forget all about his old life just because he’s started seeing you but if a guy only calls you when everyone else backs out on him or when he needs something from you, he is definitely playing you.

He isn’t consistent

There are days when this man acts like a real Mr. Perfect—days when he constantly calls you and when he is around all the time.

However, there are also some periods when he simply vanishes; times when you can’t get a text back, let alone something more from him.

It is more than obvious that this man isn’t consistent about the way he treats you. He is playing these hot and cold games and that is the last thing you need.

You always adapt to him

The two of you only go out when he feels like it.

You are the one who always has to adapt to his busy schedule and to put your life on hold, waiting for this guy to be available.

He never cancels his plans to be with you, while he expects you to do so.

He only calls you late at night

When you come to think about it, this man never invites you to take a walk or to go out for lunch.

Instead, it appears that he only thinks of you late at night and somehow, the two of you always end up at his or your place.

I hate to be the one to tell you this but if this is something you can relate to, it is apparent that you are nothing more than his booty call.

He doesn’t want to label things

You need to understand one thing—when a man cares for you enough, he will treat you seriously from the start.

He won’t have trouble committing to you or giving your relationship a title.

This man will be more than proud to call you his girlfriend and to hold your hand in front of the world.

Everything else is empty excuses. Nevertheless, you are stuck in this labelless relationship with this guy and he is the one who refuses to define things between the two of you.

He doesn’t involve you in his life

The truth is that you know very little about this man we’re talking about, except for some basic information.

You don’t know anything about his dreams, hopes and fears and you’ve never met his friends or family.

I know you think he is mysterious and closed but the harsh truth is that this guy doesn’t want to build any other intimacy besides sexual.

He isn’t interested in forming a meaningful connection with you and that is the cause of his behavior.

Nor is he interested in yours

Not only this but the guy we are talking about never shows any interest in your life either.

He doesn’t care how your day was nor is he ever in the mood for hanging out with the people around you.