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7 Signs Your Partner Is An Emotional Leech

7 Signs Your Partner Is An Emotional Leech

It’s funny how the people we care for the most can also be the ones who drain us the most. Primarily because we love them so much, we refuse to see their downsides.

But with emotional leeches, you are bound to see them at some point. Your body and your mind will be exhausted and you will know a leech was the one responsible.

If you don’t feel quite like yourself and you have this unpassing feeling of exhaustion after spending time with your partner, the odds are you are dealing with an emotional leech.

Your relationship might be draining you as we speak but your feelings are preventing you from seeing clearly.

Maybe you had a past relationship with someone who emotionally drained you and you didn’t even realize it, or you did but it was too late. Here are some proven signs that your partner is or was an emotional leech:

1. He still plays texting games

It’s really tiring waiting for your partner to text back. Sure, people can’t constantly be on their phone and able to text back but he never does; he always waits for a substantial amount of time to text back.

Or he even takes days, which is really childish, stupid and just him playing games.

You don’t want to call it quits because of some insignificant text but it’s not so insignificant when you feel emotionally and physically tired from wondering where he is at and why is he ignoring you.

You should have a long and straightforward talk with him or you will be exhausted as a result, not to mention unhappy.

2. They demand so much from you but they are unwilling to give anything back

They just keep on taking from you. They need you to be there, to listen and understand but when you are in need, they are nowhere to be found.

You make excuses for them even though their behavior is not worthy of your forgiveness.

They keep on taking from you emotionally but they don’t give anything back.

You are worn out and you have no way of recharging yourself because he doesn’t give anything back. Emotions need reciprocity to stay alive.

3. They are always on your mind

Every single thought you have seems to be directed at them. You are thinking about your partner’s whereabouts and loyalty, which can be signs of some insecurities from the past, caused by previous relationships.

You should re-examine yourself and your relationships or find out if your partner is doing something that makes you doubt him. Maybe he is deliberately making you jealous.

Think everything through. Thinking constantly about whether he is going to cheat or not is not the way to live and your body and mind feel it.

4. You keep avoiding long conversations with him

You keep avoiding long conversations because you know they will get tiring.

You especially avoid certain topics because they drained you in the past.

You would much rather leave something be than bother with discussing it with him, no matter how important it is or how much it hurts you.

5. Everything is about them

Talking to them is like talking to a brick wall. They have their own internal monologues and they don’t really pay attention to what you have to say.

They are preoccupied with themself. They also have this ability to spin every story to fit them.

If you end up apologizing for things you know you didn’t do, you are most likely dealing with an emotional manipulator and he is bound to drain you emotionally too.

6. You keep craving some alone time

Sure, we all need some time to ourself, someplace where we don’t have to talk and nobody bothers us with anything.

But this need for alone time is enhanced when we are with an emotional leech. We can’t wait to get away from them and take a much-needed rest.

The paradox is that we care so much for them but we need to take a break from them so often that it’s time to ask ourself what we are doing there.

7. You experience actual physical exhaustion

Our emotions can dictate the way we feel. You are tired all the time, your muscles hurt, and you are sleepy. Our body is not immune to our feelings.

When you are constantly preoccupied with another person, and their needs, their mood swings or their odd behavior, it has to influence you.

You forget about yourself and your needs and you just keep on giving to the other person.

If your partner is an emotional leech, think about if it is a good idea to stay in a relationship like that.

Remember, you are equally important and if your needs are not being met, it will just drain you, both physically and emotionally.