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7 Surprising Physical Traits Men Look For In A Woman

7 Surprising Physical Traits Men Look For In A Woman

Women like to look good for two reasons: one is that they like to look good to feel good and the other is they like to look good to attract men.

If there are women who deny this—who are you kidding? We spend a lot of time investing in our physical appearances but sometimes that’s not enough to attract men. Why?

Keep reading to find out the answer. Some features are more appealing to men than others but there are a few of them which are constant and won’t ever change. Take a look!

1. Sensual lips

The first thing a man who likes you is going to notice is your lips. Believe it or not, they are the most sexual part of your body. Looking at your lips makes men’s imagination run wild.

You can see in their eyes what they are thinking about while sensually looking at your lips. Having a girl with lusty and kissable lips? Anyone interested?—The answer is YES.

2. 7:10 ratio

Studies have shown that most men like smaller waists and larger hips. Apparently, the perfect ratio is 7:10. Why is that? Men associate your hips with childbearing.

They subconsciously seek a female that will bring them children and that’s why they are attracted to nice and round hips—subconsciously, they are wishing to start a family and procreate (Primary instinct).

3. High-pitched voice

Once again, studies have shown that men like high and squeaky voices. This trait makes women feminine and that’s why men are attracted to them.

Also, these kinds of voices are considered to be youthful and feminine, and youth has a direct connection with the idea of having children.

So, subconsciously, men are attracted to women who have the most potential to have their children and to form a family.

4. Eyes

As the saying goes: “Eyes are the windows to your soul”. I guess men have known that for centuries because they will fall for you with just one glimpse at your honest and sexy eyes.

Women’s eyes can reveal a lot. They can show men what women are capable of doing when the two of them are at some place alone.

5. Smile

I think that there is no man in the world that can resist a cute and sincere smile.

A smile makes women approachable and friendly—it makes them unthreatening, so men are drawn to women with beautiful and cute smiles and they are not afraid to make contact with them.

In addition to a smile are nice teeth. If you have both, it’s a plus!

6. Long, shiny hair

According to scientific studies, men love long, luscious and healthy hair. It, once again, subconsciously reminds them of fertility.

Other than that, each hairstyle can tell you what that person is like. Most men don’t like short hair because it gives the impression that a girl is a tomboy.

I don’t agree with that because there are women who can pull off the short hair look and look sexy as hell.

They also don’t like messy hair because it gives an impression that the person wearing it is messy.

So, if you want to ‘hit the Jackpot’, grow your hair long and nurture it to look healthy—it means you are taking care of your body and that you are healthy, too.

7. Less makeup

This is totally true. Men like that natural look with as less makeup as possible.

We have the wrong impression about this—we think the more makeup we wear, the hotter and more beautiful we are. That’s sooo not true.

The main point—forget the heavy foundation, eye shadows, etc. and embrace the more natural, more ‘you’ look you were born with.