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7 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Good in Bed

7 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Good in Bed

Sex is an important part of every relationship but there are always a few questions that can bother everyone such as….

How can you tell if a night of passion was as good for him as it was for you? Did you bring on your A-game or did you bore him to death?

He probably won’t tell you the truth about your performance, especially if you sucked.

So, if you are not sure if you’re bragging about being good in bed for no reason, check out some of the tell-tale signs to get rid of your doubt for good.

You’ve got the ‘moves’

You have a natural groove that cannot be learned, or to quote Shakira: “You know my hips don’t lie”. Your hips don’t lie either.

If you can dance, you’re probably good in bed. Everyone knows that passionate nights require some serious moves to make them memorable. If you got it, you will rock it!

But, there’s always the other side of the story. I hate to break it to you, but if you are glued to a wall every time you’re on a dance floor, guys won’t ‘boogie’ with you, if you catch my drift.

You’re confident

You’ve got absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and you are walking the streets proudly. You love your body and you are proud of it.

You radiate with sexual energy because your state of mind is set on ‘sex mode’.

What makes you a great lover is the fact that you get lost in sexual experience because you feel good about yourself and you make your partner feel good, too.

You are a good listener

You love to engage in conversations because you are a verbal type of a person. You like to talk things out and offer someone help if needed.

Listening to people comes naturally to you and in that way, you are showing them you care about them. In return, you’re getting their trust.

In the bedroom, things work like this: trust+mind=blowing sex

You are a natural flirt

It’s not even that you are trying so hard. It’s just that flirting comes so naturally to you.

When it comes to flirting, you are the queen of sensual looks and sweet talking.

No one can match you when it comes to building the tension and turning up the heat.

You are radiating with sexual energy and guys can sense that miles away. #yougogirl

You are a good kisser

First, you are playing with him slowly and sensually, leaving him wanting for more. You won’t go right to the business.

Kissing reflects foreplay, although there may be times when this is completely wrong. Nevertheless, in most cases this is true.

After you’re done teasing him with your tongue, you attack with everything you’ve got.

You are a people-pleaser

You want all the people around you to be happy. By making others happy, you are pleasuring yourself. It won’t be any different in the bedroom.

You will please your partner, thus please yourself. Can it get any better than that? #jackpot

You are humble

You don’t have the need to brag about your abilities in the bedroom. Guys, sound familiar?

Your actions will speak louder than words and you know it!

In case someone doubts you, you’ve got only five words for them: “Come and see for yourself!” #wink