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7 Texts A Typical Playboy Sends To A Woman He Is Dating

7 Texts A Typical Playboy Sends To A Woman He Is Dating

Typical playboys are so skilled, they are hard to spot. At first glance, they look too good to be true.

Remember what your grandma told you about men like that: nobody is ever that perfect.

What’s more, your intuition will scream that he is trouble and you are going to get hurt, but you will probably fall into his trap anyway.

A playboy knows how to treat the ladies, making them feel special and unique.

The problem is it’s never just one lady. Playboy always has someone on the side, a woman totally unaware that she is being benched.

Don’t be that woman. Don’t sit on the sidelines and wait for your turn to play. Dump his playboy ass as soon as you know for sure he is playing you.

How to spot a playboy?

Well, the easiest way is through texts he sends. They always say a lot more than he writes. We are here to help you read between the lines:

Can I come over? (after 10 pm)

This text is self-explanatory, but in case you think his intentions are innocent and that he wants to just talk, we are here to tell you, “Think again!”

It’s a booty call, no matter what he says in addition to “Can I come over?” Chances that he is just in desperate need of your company are slim to none.

Netflix and chill my ass, this is just a booty call and you have to be aware of that.

I can’t remember I said that.

“I don’t believe I promised that,” “It completely slipped my mind,” “Sorry, I forgot all about that,” and similar messages are part of his normal texting repertoire.

If he makes plans, then cancels them because he forgot he made them, it’s a big red flag. Sure, it can happen sometimes, but not often or all the time.

He is inconsistent and you can’t count on him.

He is not prioritizing you and you will soon enough start to wonder who else he is putting first and what’s keeping his mind so busy that he can’t keep the promise he made.

Let’s not talk about me, tell me more about you.

Maybe he won’t send a text that looks exactly the same, but he will say something along the lines of this.

He will want to change the topic from himself to you or anything else.

If he doesn’t want to open up, tell you more about himself, and let you into his world, there’s something fishy going on.

Sure, he is a great listener and you are happy about that, but if his lips are sealed every time a personal topic comes up, you will naturally think he is hiding something.

Playboys never talk much about themselves; they keep you at arm’s length because they don’t plan on sticking around.

Let’s go somewhere, my treat.

A typical playboy likes to feel important and admired.

In his mind, the most productive way to accomplish that is throwing his money around like it’s nothing.

Not all playboys have money, but they almost always pretend that they do.

They are usually successful or on their way to becoming the best and the richest they can be.

They always want more: more money, more parties, and more women to sleep with.

Can’t stop thinking about your ______ (insert body part)

They are usually superficial, so body parts of preference will be boobs or butt, although that can vary.

Some playboys prefer a subtle approach and some are more direct, but the bottom line is the same: whatever they say comes down to sex.

They are skilled in turning any normal everyday conversation into sex talk.

If he is more direct, he will ask you to send nudies or ask openly about the things you would like him to do to you.

It’s easier because he is hidden behind the screen, although probably it would be the same if he was face to face with you.

Every girl I ever dated was insane.

Remember, a man who talks trash about his exes will talk trash about you.

Secondly, he is clearly generalizing and placing all women into the same basket.

Lastly and most importantly, he can’t own up to a mistake.

In just one sentence, he is letting you know that he is never the one to blame – that’s impossible and a warning sign of much deeper issues than being a playboy (as if that wasn’t enough?)

Let’s keep it casual and see where it goes.

With him, having “the talk” seems impossible, even through texting.

He will twist and turn your words and you will forget why you want to be in an exclusive relationship in the first place.

He will say whatever it takes to get himself out of anything that resembles a serious relationship. “Why complicate things?”

“We are having such a great time, why mess things up?” and “Can we talk some other time, let’s just live in the moment?” are some of the lines he might say.

A guy who believes that a real relationship will mess things up is definitely a playboy and still not ready to be with just one woman.

Make sure you tell him you are not ready to waste your time on his sorry ass.