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7 Things Every Girl Who Gave Too Many Chances Can Relate To

7 Things Every Girl Who Gave Too Many Chances Can Relate To

Have you ever caught yourself letting the man you should have cut off ages ago back into your life?

Giving a second chance to a guy who’s already proven to you that he doesn’t deserve you, even though your intuition was telling you that you were making a mistake?

If you have, this one’s for you because you are about to read 7 things you can most definitely relate to.

1. You are too forgiving

thoughtful woman sitting alone

One of the things every girl who has given more second chances than she can count can relate to is that she is a professional forgiver. And you are no different.

You have a kind heart and you simply can’t stay angry with someone for too long, no matter how much harm they’ve done to you.

You forgive way too easily, even when that is the last thing you ought to be doing.

2. You believe that people can change

pensive woman sitting by laptop

The reason why you keep on giving so many chances to everyone around you and especially to your romantic partner is the fact that you deeply believe that people can change their ways.

You are convinced that your love can change a man if you just try hard enough.

Nevertheless, the truth is usually quite different.

In most cases, life has proven to you that people always stay who they are and that there are some personality traits you can’t modify, even if you do your best to do so.

3. You think there is something good in everyone

woman walking on narrow road

You know who you are and you are very well aware of your loving and forgiving heart. So you go through life, assuming that everyone is just like you.

You are a girl who believes that nobody is essentially evil, that there is something good in every person in this world and that you just have to dig deep enough to find the light underneath all of this darkness.

What you obviously don’t want to admit to yourself is that things aren’t always like that, even though you’ve seen it yourself hundreds of times.

4. You believe you can save others

beautiful thoughtful woman relaxing on window sill

If you are a girl who has given too many chances, you must think of yourself as some kind of superwoman.

You consider yourself to be a savior, someone whose love will lead others on the right path.

Well, let me tell you that there are some people who can’t be saved and some relationships that are doomed to fail.

It is not your duty to fix people or to try to repair any of their damaged parts.

Sometimes, you don’t have any other option than to walk away and to never look back. Sometimes, you simply have to give up, for your own good.

5. You tend to blame yourself

woman sitting alone by lake

Whenever you decide that this is the last time a guy can hurt you and that this is the last time you’ve allowed him in your life, there always appears a tiny voice in the back of your head, telling you to rethink your decision.

A voice which makes you question if you’ve really done everything you could or if you carry a part of the responsibility for everything that has happened.

Even though being self-aware is a great thing, being scared that you’ll blame yourself for giving up on someone too soon won’t get you anywhere.

Instead, it will only keep you inside this never-ending circle you are already stuck in.

6. You’ve been disappointed more times than you can count

blond woman lying on cereal field

Every girl who has a habit of giving too many chances to men who don’t deserve them has gotten her heart broken numerous times.

You’ve been disappointed and betrayed and your trust has been violated.

The truth is that men from your past didn’t fulfill your expectations.

They didn’t change their ways after getting a second chance and each one of them somehow found a way to blow it even more than the first time.

It is actually pretty simple–when you keep on letting back in the one who has done you harm, you are actually giving him permission to keep on hurting you.

By giving him another chance, you are giving him the green light to keep on taking advantage of your heart and to keep on crushing it.

7. But all of it has made you stronger

woman walking down stairs

Even though being too forgiving has brought you a lot of headaches, this quality of yours has also brought you something good.

It helped you learn tough but valuable lessons about relationships and life in general.

All of this has made you stronger and if it hadn’t been for these painful experiences, you would have never become the woman you are today.

7 Things Every Girl Who Gave Too Many Chances Can Relate To