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Dear God, Please Give Me Strength To Let Go Of What’s Not Mine

Dear God, Please Give Me Strength To Let Go Of What’s Not Mine

Dear God,

Please don’t let me get attached to those who don’t belong in my life anymore. Don’t let me get close to someone, only to have them taken away from me too soon.

I know I am not supposed to question your ways and I promise I’m not… all I’m asking is that you make it a little easier on me.

Don’t let me crave things that aren’t mine. Don’t let me hold on to someone who is not supposed to be in my life.

Don’t let me fall for someone who is ultimately going to break my heart and destroy me. I’ve been struggling with this a lot lately.

The wrong person at the wrong time has always been something that has followed me no matter where I go… and I wish it would stop.

I need to meet somebody who is going to be good for me. I need someone who is going to come along at the right time and be available to me.

I am slowly losing hope that this is in my future but I pray that it is. I pray for somebody who is going to know how to treat me right.

I grow close to people too easily. My heart gets attached too soon and I end up paying the price.

I long for people who end up leaving me and I miss them instead of being happy they’re finally gone from my life, leaving me to heal properly.

Please… don’t let me fall head over heels for someone who cannot be mine.

I’ve had my mind play tricks on me, making me think I need something that is not meant for me or good for me.

Please, rid me of this temptation. I am really trying to be good and remain hopeful that what’s meant to be will be… I just need a nudge in the right direction.

Bring me closer to people who bring me joy, peace and calm. Keep me close to those who have good intentions for me and don’t need anything from me other than my companionship.

Help me keep those people in my life and say goodbye to those who keep me up at night, wondering if they belong in my world.

Give me the wisdom to recognize when someone toxic enters my life. Help me see through their mask and vanish them from my reality for good.

Help me realize that I deserve so much more and don’t allow me to fall for the same thing once again.

My faith has been shaken but never lost. I trust your plan and I know it will lead me to my final destination…

I just need a little reassurance that I’m on my way there. People have tried to rattle me and my faith in you but I know you would never send me anything that I can’t handle.

Please, let me forget about those who are so engraved in my memory that I fear I will never be able to delete them from there.

Show me I am better off without them and that I will be happier with somebody else who will value me and never play me for a fool.

I understand that I might not get all of my wishes fulfilled right now and I am okay with that. Just please… grant me the tolerance I need to accept things for how they are right now and patience to wait for your plans to show themselves to me when you deem it right.

Help me stop loving those who don’t deserve my love and find my way toward those whose hearts are as genuine and pure as I know mine is.

I am patiently waiting for your blessings and I know you know exactly what you are doing. Just please, don’t let me hold on to something that isn’t mine and don’t let me plan my life around somebody who is only a temporary member of my world.

Give me a sign that I am not investing in somebody whose future is not by my side . I promise I’ll be waiting for as long as it takes.

You are the only one who knows what’s right for me and until you show me, I promise, I’ll never question your ways.