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7 Things To Do When He Won’t Commit Nor Let You Go

7 Things To Do When He Won’t Commit Nor Let You Go

The most confusing thing that can happen in a relationship is when a man won’t commit, but also, he won’t let you go.

You wonder why he pulls away so suddenly and you can’t find reasons good enough for what is currently happening.

So, you are thinking what to do about it all day long and whatever you try is in vain.

But you should know that there is a solution to every problem and that this can be solved if you make some effort.

So, here is what you can really do about the fact that your man isn’t committing to you nor letting you go.

Talk to him openly

male and female talking outside on table

I know that you really don’t want to do this and I know it is pain in the butt, but if you want to know what’s happening, it is better to ask your man directly.

Tell him that you don’t feel good and that you want to solve this issue that has been bothering you for a while.

Explain to him that a real relationship is about committing and not sitting on two chairs at the same time.

And most of all, tell him that you will leave if he doesn’t change his mind.

Show him that you will walk away

girl breaking up with her boyfriend and leaving him

You see, a man won’t know what he has had until he loses it.

So why not show him that you have other options and that you can walk away as well?

Don’t let him think that he is the only one for you because there are men who would kiss the ground you walk on and who would commit to you without second guessing.

Show him what he will lose if you leave him and give him time to think about it.

Leave him to think over everything once more

man look thoughtful in living room

If you push him and suffocate him, he will leave you in the blink of an eye.

But if you show him that you are a high-quality woman and that you want to give him some time to think about the two of you, he will act differently.

Maybe he will see how much effort you make so that your relationship will work and that you are giving him enough time to think twice over everything.

That will make him come back to you, even to just try how things will work if he decides to commit.

Tell him that you won’t take away his independence

couple talking at cafe

Maybe your man just has a fear of commitment, but on the other hand, he is too much of a coward to let you go.

He plays a game with you asking you to be there for him when he wants and not being there when you need him.

That’s why you need to solve some things with him ASAP. Tell him that he doesn’t have to be afraid that he will lose his independence in a relationship with you.

Tell him that he won’t lose his balls after all because that is what people think men to lose when they commit.

If he realizes that he will have a life just like he had without you, maybe he will change his mind.

Make yourself a priority

Woman smiling in front of chain link fence during golden hour

Show him that you are your own priority and that you won’t let him string you along anymore.

Show him that you can live without him and that you are not planning to wait for him anymore.

When he sees that you are totally sure about what you say and think, he will stop for a second and think better about it.

He will see what kind of a person he is losing and he might treat you better than before.

In the end, making him your priority will never give you the pleasure you have when you are the first priority for yourself.

Make boundaries

Unhappy angry woman talking to her boyfriend

When you see that you are not getting where you want to be with a man, you need to set your boundaries.

You need to cross a line and let him know that you have rights as well.

He can’t just string you along, manipulate and control you, and give you nothing in return.

That is not love and that is certainly not a healthy relationship. So, you should tell him that he should make up his mind about where he wants to go with you.

If you two don’t have the same outlook on life, it is time to just walk away.

Put a full stop on everything

Woman wearing blue framed cat eye sunglasses with water in background

Sometimes guys just think that your threatening is in vain because they will find a way to fool you around.

They think that you are just saying that you will end the relationship but that something similar will never happen.

Well, the best way to shake his world is to actually leave him.

Show him that he lost you with his behavior and that you are not planning to spend your life with the guy who can’t decide what he wants.

After he sees that you are serious, he will definitely try to win you back.

7 Things To Do When He Won't Commit Nor Let You Go