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22 Signs He Has A Secret Crush On You

22 Signs He Has A Secret Crush On You

Guessing if someone has a secret crush on you has always been quite difficult to do, especially if we are talking about guys.

They are somehow always reserved when it comes to expressing their emotions and they don’t want others to see how they really feel. But wouldn’t it be interesting if we could know how they felt?

Learn every little thing they do when they like a girl and how to inspire their further affection and devotion RIGHT HERE.

So, if you really want to find out if a guy has a secret crush on you, you just need to check his body language and his behavior because it will reveal all of his secrets.

To help you all understand guys better, I prepared some of the most common signs that he has a secret crush on you. So let’s find out more about them.

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He is always smiling when he’s with you

man and woman holding cup and smiling at each other

No matter whether you are around or if someone mentions your name, he will have that blessed smile on his face.

That can tell you that he is into you and that he wants to know and hear more about you.

Also, when you are around, you can expect him smiling with a dose of shyness and his face blushing.

They are sure-fire signs that he has a secret crush on you and that it is just a matter of time before he will finally admit that to you.

He is extremely clumsy around you

worried woman looking at man falling down while diring bicycle

You know the situation where a guy wants to show off in front of you and then all of a sudden he falls or hurts himself in some way?

The thing is that he is so nervous around you, wanting to represent himself in the best light, but he can’t because he is overwhelmed.

So, whatever you do, don’t laugh at him because he will feel much worse than he already feels and he might never approach you again.

He ‘accidentally’ touches you

smiling couple in nature

When a guy likes you, he will try to touch you as much as possible. This is one of most powerful signs of chemistry. So, you can expect many innocent and ‘accidental’ touches because that is the best way for him to be close to you and to show you his love and affection.

If a guy does this, it is a sign that he feels something more than friendship for you and it is only a matter of time before he will get up enough courage up to kiss you for the first time.

He talks nonsense

man approaching girl on street

When a guy has a secret crush on you, he will often stumble over his words and say things that don’t make much sense.

So, just stand there and look at him while he will try to save what can be saved.

A man talking nonsense while you are around and looking quite nervous while doing so are obvious signs that he has a secret crush on you.

Now it is up to you whether you will give him a chance or you will ignore him.

He offers to buy you a drink

close up of smiling african woman hand taking coffe cup from man

Not only will he offer to buy you a drink, but he will offer to buy you anything you want.

When a man is in love, he will do anything for the woman he loves, so buying things that will make her happy is no trouble for him.

This can be quite tricky because there are many girls who are gold-diggers and they can take advantage of guys like this. But a real girl who wants nothing but love will never ask more than her man can provide her with.

He is always available for you

man and woman talking

When a guy sacrifices his time to do things for you, it means that he has strong feelings for you and that he wants you to be his girlfriend.

He likes to spend all of his time with you and he doesn’t care about finding time for his friends when you are around.

I hope that you will see that and you will be there for him when he needs you as well.

He tries to impress you

young couple talking at a restaurant

If a guy tries to impress you, it is a sign that he likes you and that he has a secret crush on you.

A man will only do this for a woman he cares about because it would be too much work to do it for someone whom he doesn’t even like.

So, if you see a man trying to impress you and going the extra mile to achieve his goal, you can be sure that he is in love with you.

He always texts first

man typing on his phone while sitting at sofa

If he is the one who texts you first, it is a sign that he is interested in you and that he wants you to be more than a friend to him.

By texting you first, he wants to know about your day and if you are available to hang out with him.

Guys always do this when they are crazy for a girl because if he likes you a little bit he wouldn’t text you first—he would wait for you to do that.

But since he lost his mind over you, he goes beyond his pride and makes the first move.

He wants to spend time with you

couple sitting at cafe and looking at phone screen

When a man wants to spend time with you, it means that he feels good in your company and that he wants it to last.

If he is the one initiates all your hanging out, it means that you are very special to him.

I am sure he wants to spend more time with you alone than with you and the rest of the company.

That means he wants you and him to get closer and in that way, to ask you to be his girlfriend.

He talks about you to his friends

male friends talking in pub

All of a sudden, you see all his friends know your name and they ask him how things are going with you.

It means that he talks about you and that he thinks you are a very special lady.

He doesn’t want to hide anything about you because he wants to show to the rest of the world how happy he is to get to know you better.

That’s why all of his friends talk about you, hoping that you will give him a chance.

He likes all your posts on social media sites

Man in black jacket with black cap talking on the phone

You can’t post a photo without him liking it. No matter if you post a photo of you in a seductive dress for a night out or a photo with your dog, he will like it. In that way, he gives his support to you.

He wants you to know that he thinks about you and that you mean a lot to him.

It would be great if you could like some of his photos just so he could see that you care.

He makes steady eye contact

cute woman standing outside looking at man with a warm smile

When a man has a crush on you, he will make a steady eye contact because he wants to focus on you and you only.

He will stop looking into your eyes only when he looks at your mouth, imagining how he would kiss you.

So, if you are not sure if he has a secret crush on you, just pay attention to his body language and see what happens.

You will probably see him having his eyes wide open looking at you, being nervous and playing with his hair. A

ll these things are just confirmation that he really likes you.

He gets jealous when you talk to other guys

jealous man looking at man and woman o dance floor

Did you ever have a situation where you would talk to one guy and he would act totally crazy while watching you do it?

Like you belong to him and he doesn’t want you to talk to anyone else, especially to some good looking man?

If this ever happened to you, it is a sign that he had a secret crush on you and he was scared that you will turn him off.

In a situation like this, the best is to explain to him that you like other people but that he is very special to you.

Don’t let him put the chains on you even before you start dating him.

He doesn’t act the same way when he is with you and other people

friends having fun on a boat

If a guy acts totally different with you, it can be a sign that he has some deep feelings, but he is scared to admit that to you.

You will probably see him having fun with his friends but being more devoted to you when you are around.

He does that because he wants you to feel special when you are with him.

He wants you to know that you have a lot of effect on him and that he is the best version of himself when he is with you.

He finds you very attractive

attractive couple looking each other at restaurant

If a man thinks that you are attractive, he will try to show you in all possible ways.

He will compliment you, have fun with you or even make some inside jokes.

Guys simply lose their heads over hot girls and if you are one of them (in any way possible), then he will be into you. He will want to win you over and enjoy adventures with you.

You’ll catch him staring at you

guy looking a nice girl while walking at the street

Did you have a situation where he stared at you like nobody was watching? If yes, that is a surefire sign he has a crush on you.

He stares, but he can’t control it. And he will do it until you tell him to stop, or some of his friends tell him that, and warn him that he might upset you.

So, next time this happens, you will know that a guy is not crazy—he is just in love with you.

He wants to talk to you 24/7

man speaking on his phone while driving car

If a guy wants to talk to you all the time, it is definitely a sign that something is going on.

He is in love with you but it is really hard for him to admit that since he doesn’t know what your reaction will be.

If you catch him trying to prolong the talk in person or calling you on the phone for some stupid thing, you can bet he craves you—in many ways.

He shows off in front of you

man helping to girl who fell from bike

If he wants to make you feel special by impressing you, it is a definite sign that he has a crush on you.

Your opinion is simply so important to him and he doesn’t want you to judge him for anything.

He will dress up when he is with you. He will offer to pay the bills and to drive you home. Chivalry is not dead after all.

He is always so sweet next to you

Young lovers enjoy coffee while looking at each other in a cafe

If a man always acts so sweet and nice in front of you, it is a sign that he likes you.

He wants you to remember him in a good way and he will do anything in his power to impress you.

If he talks nicely about you, compliments you or does whatever makes you happy, there is no help for him because he is head over heels in love with you.

He just doesn’t know it. Maybe you could also try to be nice to him—since he really respects you—and avoid talking about problems.

Both of you will feel better if you talk about things that are nice and positive.

He talks about the future with you

male and female talking and holding white cup of tea at home

If he is interested in you as a person, he will talk about your future together.

Maybe he wants to go on a trip with you or even move in with you just to see how things will function when you two live together.

If you are a part of all his future plans, you can be positive that he has a crush on you.

He wants to be with you all the time, but he doesn’t want to scare you with his plans. I am telling you—a man like this is always a keeper!

Your gut tells you

Man kisses woman near pine tree

If you feel some strange but yet so positive energy between the two of you and you can’t resist the urge to kiss him as soon as you see him, it is a sign that the two of you are supposed to be together.

If there he is, all beautiful and shining when he is with you and you can see from his eyes that there is no other place he would rather be than in your arms. That is called real and sincere love!

He admits he is in love with you

couple talking at restaurant

The most obvious sign that he likes you as a girlfriend is if he admits that to you.

If he comes and opens his heart in front of you, telling you that he would love to try something serious with you.

here is nothing you need to think about anymore. He likes you and there is nothing he can do about it.

Now it is up to you if you will give him a chance or you will just ignore him!

22 Signs He Has A Secret Crush On You