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7 Things To Do When Your Partner’s Bad At Texting (But Great In Real Life)

7 Things To Do When Your Partner’s Bad At Texting (But Great In Real Life)

So, you’ve met a great guy and you’re having the time of your life but he’s a real anti-talent when it comes to texting.

When the two of you are together, everything’s perfect but when it comes to texting, you always have to wait for him to reply or you receive one-word replies.

This is really annoying and you have every right to feel ‘betrayed’. But you have to understand that guys usually don’t use texting as a means of connecting with someone.

They use it to arrange meetings or for simple information exchange.

They don’t understand that this pisses you off because they don’t see it the way you see it. And that is why you should never question his affection for you or think that he’s deliberately ignoring you.

Instead, you should try to understand it and compromise with him if needed.

Here are 7 tips that will help you deal with your partner’s bad texting skills:

Don’t overwhelm him with texting

If you see that he’s really bad at texting but great in real life, you should never force him to answer you or overwhelm him with a hundred messages in his inbox.

If you do that, he will feel that you’re forcing him to do something he doesn’t like or he’s simply not good at.

Always give him space so that he doesn’t feel cornered or imprisoned by you.

Keep texting to a minimum and text him only on important matters and arrangements or when you really need him and you cannot wait to talk to him about it in person.

Don’t take it to heart

Try to understand that you have a great guy in your life but he’s just not that into texting, which shouldn’t influence the quality of your relationship.

Don’t let your emotions manipulate you into believing that this is a real catastrophe because it is not and you know it too.

Some people are simply not good at some things or they don’t enjoy it the same way as you do.

See him in person

The best thing to do in this situation is to keep seeing him in person as frequently as possible. It is a much better alternative than texting and it will help keep your nerves as well.

Reserve some topics that you would like to discuss with him and write them on a piece of paper if needed, so that you can remind yourself of them later.

That way, you’ll never get bored and you will take your relationship to another level.

You will always have something interesting to talk about, which will enrich your quality time spent together.

Call him

If you can’t wait to see him, you can always call him and talk to him about everything that comes to your mind.

This is also a great alternative to texting and you will actually be able to hear his voice and hear him smile.

And he will also enjoy it because calling has more benefits and it’s healthier for your relationship than texting.

Talk to him about it

If you’ve tried everything and you still cannot accept this misfortune of him being bad at texting, you should consider talking to him about it.

But don’t raise your voice or freak out about it.

Just stay calm and put everything into words nicely so that he doesn’t feel like you’re blaming him for something.

Let him know that you’re not mad at him but you would like him to try to work on his texting skills.

Don’t confuse his being bad at texting with his affection

Is he waiting for me to text him first? What if he doesn’t like me? Don’t let such and similar questions interfere with your romance.

Never confuse his texting problem with his affection for you. It’s obvious that he really likes you and wants to be with you because he wouldn’t bother showing it in real life if this wasn’t so.

Being bad at texting is another type of problem and you should never question his feelings for you if he doesn’t answer you immediately or if he replies with one word.

And if you keep forcing him to validate his feelings for you, you will ruin your relationship.

Embrace it

Instead of seeing it as a problem, you should embrace it! It is a great opportunity to spend more time outdoors and be engaged in different activities with your partner.

You will have more energy and you will feel more stress-free because you won’t be frustrated over him not texting you back.

You should embrace it because you’ll have more fun in life and you’ll spend more quality time with your partner.