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7 Traits That Make You So Damn Sexy (According To Men)

7 Traits That Make You So Damn Sexy (According To Men)

For most men, girls are wonderful human beings.

They like everything about them, all the way from their seductive smiles to the shapes of their bodies.

But if you want to be more attractive and desirable, you need to know a couple of things more that guys cherish in women.

So, here are the sexiest traits of every girl according to men. So read carefully!

They like when you are strong

Let’s face it ladies—some men are not strong enough, so they always try to find a woman stronger than them to feel safe.

Even though this is something that women should do, nowadays most guys behave like this.

So, if he sees that you are a strong and independent woman, he will be so amazed with you, thinking that you can do everything on your own and not needing him to complete you.

This is one of the most important traits guys seek in a woman and most of them agreed that women with a strong attitude are sexier.

They like when you make them feel they are useful

Being a strong and independent woman is what most guys want but they also want a slice of the cake.

They want you to make feel safe with them, giving you the reason to stay because they will do anything to make you a happy woman.

So it is very important if you tell them that they are useful and that you respect things that they do to make your life better.

Because if a man sees that you can do all on your own and that he can’t do anything to help, he will just leave because he will think that he doesn’t deserve you.

So, go ahead and boost his ego by telling him that he is capable of doing many things and that you need his help.

They like when you wear their clothes

Guys like to see girls wearing their clothes. Period. That gives them dirty thoughts about you being naked underneath and that only his shirt is touching your body.

This is one of the things most men love about women and it can turn them on instantly.

So, when you stay over at his place, make sure that you put on his clothes and go to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast.

Or should I just say that he will take you for breakfast?

When you want sex

Anything sexual that you initiate will make him kill to be your boyfriend.

It is a true fact that guys like sex and they initiate it most of the time but if you do it here and there, he will be so pleased because he will feel attracted by a woman.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and make your man happy—multiple times!

They like when you do things you don’t like just to please them

Every good girlfriend will spend some quality time with her man doing things that she doesn’t like so much.

But even so, she will do them because she loves her man and wants to make him happy.

So if a girl watches a football match with her guy and does not even knowing the names of the players, he can consider himself lucky.

A girl like that sees all the things her guy has done for her so far and she wants to reciprocate in the same way.

When people love you

If people love you it doesn’t mean that you are a people pleaser. It just means that you have a positive energy everyone is attracted to and that you like meeting new people.

When a guy sees that you are a popular girl in your company and that you like to tell jokes and make people laugh, he will like you even more.

At least he will know that he will always have a great time with you and that he will never feel bored.

When you wear red lipstick

There is something magical about that red lipstick. Maybe it reminds guys of all those hot chicks from the movies who wear red lipstick and do naughty things.

And maybe red lipstick looks so gorgeous on you, highlighting your natural beauty.

Anyway, wear it because guys like it so much. I am sure you won’t regret it!