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This Is Your Sexiest Trait According To Your Birth Month

This Is Your Sexiest Trait According To Your Birth Month

1. Aries

If you were born under this zodiac sign it means that you are stubborn and that you always get what you want. You are truly a strong and independent alpha female and you don’t allow others to mess around with you.

That’s the spirit, girl! Just keep doing what makes you happy and don’t change for anyone!

2. Taurus

This sign is always in the spotlight and everybody wants to be in their company.

They are very social and they simply attract people wherever they go. They are like a people magnet and they feel good about it.

For them, it feels so good to be the life and soul of every party and to be someone who will tell jokes the whole night.

3. Gemini

Oh, you are really something.

You like to play hard to get, so that trait attracts people even more. They get crazy about you and they all want a piece of you. I bet it feels heavenly, right?

But don’t forget that you can hurt people’s feelings by doing this, so try to find a balance between playing hard to get and opening up to people.

4. Cancer

Every conversation with you feels like people talking to their parents. You are so cool, calm and collected.

Your warmth and caring love feels like home and that’s why people like you so much. You bring the brightness into every room and the love into people’s hearts.

5. Leo

If you were born under this sign, you know that you have a temperament that is non-stop on fire. You simply have to be in charge of everything and you never let people do things for you.

You are the dominant one, the king of the jungle who knows that he is the one who runs his own life without being controlled.

6. Virgo

Sweet, sweet words.

When you talk, you can melt the hardest heart. That’s why it is so easy for you to hook up with someone and to take them to bed. Just one right word and his pants are down!

7. Libra

This is one of the most desirable signs of the zodiac.

If you were born under this sign you are definitely beautiful, easygoing and fun to talk to. For guys, you are the ideal girl that all of them would like to have. In one word, you are desirable!

8. Scorpio

When it comes to you, it is all about positive energy. You simply radiate good energy and that is your sexiest trait.

The opposite sex likes it a lot because they always feel better in the company of someone who is fun rather than with someone who is down all the time.

9. Sagittarius

That constant feeling of trying new things is what makes you so desirable. Even if you don’t know something, you will try it just to enrich your life.

In the end, you can be successful in what you do and you can have fun doing it. I don’t need to mention that girls like this kind of spontaneity a lot!

10. Capricorn

You attract people with your sense of humor. Everything you say, people will find funny, and they will laugh at it. For guys, that is your way of hitting on girls and I must admit that it works every single time.

Girls become hooked on you every time you smile in a way that only you know and when you say something that melts their hearts.

11. Aquarius

You are so sweet but that can be so sexy. You always know when to say something to turn your partner on and you don’t hesitate to show them that you want them.

You are straightforward-thinking and you do things that you would love if people did them to you.

12. Pisces

What brings people toward you is your mysteriousness. You simply live in your own world but you are like an enigma that people want to get to know better.

That’s why they approach you and they find all your secrets very interesting. Who would have thought that your darkness would be your sexiest trait, right?