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7 Truths About Being An OverThinker With A Loving And Fragile Heart

7 Truths About Being An OverThinker With A Loving And Fragile Heart

1. Love is your main focus

Love is your most frequent thought and your greatest desire. If you are being completely honest, you crave love so much that it can be overwhelming at times.

You don’t need fake emotions and half commitments, you need the love that’s genuine and true. You need the love you are ready to give.

But at the same time, you are afraid of getting hurt again. You fear that something will end before it had the chance to properly begin. That’s why you guard your already fragile heart.

2. You take everything to heart

You are affected by other people’s opinions. Even if it’s positive criticism, you will think about it for days and dissect every little detail. You will question yourself and look back at your every step.

Things would be so much easier if you could accept someone’s critique, learn and grow from it without wasting too much time overthinking it.

On the other hand, everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, and it doesn’t mean they are always right. Listen to your gut feeling, and if you know you are on the right way, just carry on.

3. You either care too much or you don’t care at all

You go to extremes, and there is no middle ground when it comes to your feelings and devotion.
When you are really into something or someone, you will be all in.

You won’t hold back because you don’t know how to. You will always go an extra mile. You don’t believe in almost, half, and mediocre. That’s why when you don’t care, you are not there at all. It’s all or nothing with you.

4. You struggle when it comes to falling asleep

As soon as your head hits the pillow, you are overwhelmed with thoughts. You surprise yourself with the extents your thoughts travel.

It’s not only things from your past that occupy your mind. There are also future hypothetical situations you think of that are keeping you wide awake, and before you know it,, it’s dawn and you haven’t had any sleep at all.

5. You keep looking for hidden meanings

You find it hard to let things be. You search for meaning in everything. You want reasons and explanations for someone’s behavior or course of action. Sadly, you don’t always get them.

Try to remember that sometimes there’s really no behind-the-scene story. Sometimes you are happier not knowing. And even though it’s hard for you not to overthink, try to ease up a bit. You will do yourself good.

6. You are too hard on yourself but “too easy” on other people

You are your worst critic and most fierce judge. You don’t cut yourself any slack. But when it comes to other people, you forgive too easily.

That’s why that loving heart of yours became so fragile. People walked all over your love, kindness, and understanding too many times.

Try to be more gentle with yourself and more just to other people. Forgive, but keep in mind that not everybody deserves your forgiveness or a second chance.

7. Sometimes, you can be “too much” for other people

More times than you can count, you heard people label you as too emotional, too analytical, too romantic, too needy, too everything.

It’s hard for some people who are unlike you to accept you and see where you are coming from. And that’s ok—they don’t have to.

There are people out there who won’t have any problem with your overthinking nature. People who will understand. People who will focus on loving you so much that your fragile heart will become stronger.