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When He Comes Back To You, You Won’t Want Him

When He Comes Back To You, You Won’t Want Him

When the man you love leaves your side and walks out of your life, you will think of this as the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

You spend your days waiting for him to come back to you and thinking about ways to make this happen. You literally put your life on hold, and you don’t see a way for yourself to move on.

While this is happening, you only remember the good things. You forget about everything bad that this guy has put you through.

All of a sudden, you forget about all the pain and tears. You forget how miserable and unhappy he made you feel during your entire relationship.

All of a sudden, you feel like the two of you could resolve all of your problems and overcome all of your differences if things could just go back to the way they used to be.

You think that your relationship and this guy deserve a second chance and that the two of you would make things work out this time.

You think that your life is stronger than every obstacle, and you just want to have this man in your life once again.

You just want to kiss him once more. You want to fall asleep in his arms and wake up next to him.

But that isn’t happening, despite all of your wishes and efforts.

And I know I you don’t think this way now but trust me, it’s better this way.

I know you won’t believe me, but you only think that having this man back in your life would put you out of your misery.

You only think you want him back but trust me—you don’t. And you would understand all of this the moment he came back to you.

The truth is that you idealize this guy just because you don’t have him anymore.

The truth is that you’ve managed to forget all about his flaws and negative sides and that you’ve focused on his positive qualities just because you miss him.

The truth is that you romanticize him and your relationship and that you don’t look it realistically.

But the two of you took separate ways for a strong reason. And that reason won’t go away overnight.

Because you are still the person you’ve always been and he is still the same man. And any time apart won’t change that.

If he comes back to you, all of your differences and problems will re-appear on the surface before you know it.

If he comes back to you, you’ll see that you never wanted this to happen and that him leaving you was the best thing that could occur.

You’ll see that he is not the man for you and that you probably just miss the feeling of belonging to someone and the feeling of partnership.

You’ll see that your ego was more hurt than your heart; that you just couldn’t stand this man you think you love not wanting to be with you anymore.

You’ll realize that you’ve spent all this time trying to get him back simply because you wanted to prove to yourself that he is still yours.

Because you wanted to prove to the both of you that you can have him whenever and however you like.

If he comes back to you, you’ll see that you should have never given him a second chance; that he hasn’t changed his ways and that he’ll always be the man who caused you emotional pain.

If he comes back to you, you only think that you will forgive him for everything he has done.

But trust me—-you’ll always hold grudges. You’ll always resent him for leaving you, without taking your feelings into consideration.

You’ll always question his reasons for walking away, and you’ll always doubt his love for you, even if he makes an effort to prove it to you.

You’ll want to know every single detail of his bachelor life. Has he been seeing some other girls?

What was he up to? How did he spend his days, while you kept waiting for him to come back?

If he comes back to you, you’ll see that the two of you have no future and that things should have stayed the way they were.