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7 Types Of Men Who Strong Women Don’t Typically Tolerate

7 Types Of Men Who Strong Women Don’t Typically Tolerate

Being in love is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and the most confusing feeling of all and if you have ever tasted its bittersweet flavor, you definitely know what I’m talking about.

Being ready to dive into the waters of love demands sacrifice, determination and a big heart and every strong woman knows that.

You try hard to find the right guy who will be ready to reciprocate and treat you the way you deserve.

You give all of yourself to make things work and you fight with the last atom of your strength for something you believe in.

And if they don’t appreciate any of it, you don’t have any problem dumping them and letting them know that you won’t tolerate any of their bullshit.

When you love, you love hard with all of your body and soul and if they are not ready to do the same, you are better off without them.

You are never satisfied with mediocrity and you never tolerate selfishness or lies.

You are honest to the bone and you expect the same treatment in return.

And if they are not ready to roll up their sleeves and make an effort like real men do, you let them know that they fucked it up badly and they certainly won’t get another chance.

If you’re a strong woman, you know that guys like this are not worth a second of your time.

And if you’re a guy reading this, wondering if you have a chance with one of them, here are 7 types of men who strong women don’t typically tolerate, so beware!

Men who think you will tolerate their emotional instability

You understand that it is hard to open yourself up again to another person after a recent break-up but you also know that if they are not ready, they shouldn’t bother approaching you at all.

There is nothing worse than a man who has no idea what he’s doing yet he’s still doing it and hoping that you will tolerate him being constantly emotionally fucked up.

If you are entering a relationship, you are doing it with a pure heart and a clear mind and if he’s not ready to do the same, he better back off because you will certainly not tolerate him being indecisive or emotionally unstable.

Men who are intimidated by your success

To every strong woman, there is nothing worse than a man who feels intimidated by your success.

You are not looking for someone who will be too weak to handle your bold determination and to be proud of your achievements.

You are looking for someone who will be ready to share his joy with you just as you’re ready to do with him.

You know that men who are intimidated by your success will never be able to respect your hard work and be supportive because they are too weak to be happy for you and appreciate your efforts.

Men who don’t understand your passions

A strong woman will never tolerate a man who is unwilling to understand the things that she’s into.

If he’s unable to understand your passions and desires, you will definitely not change your mindset just to please him.

You will not give up on everything you’ve been building so far only to devote your time to someone who doesn’t understand you as a person.

You will not abandon things that make you happy for someone who doesn’t even try to understand them and respect you as you are.

Men who are incapable of commitment

When you’re in a relationship, you’re either giving all of yourself into it or you’re not.

There is never a gray area when it comes to this. And a man who is incapable of doing the same is simply not worthy of your time.

Strong women never tolerate men who are incapable of fulfilling their promises, treating them the way they deserve or sticking to their decisions.

Strong women never tolerate men who are only strong with words and cowards when it comes to turning them into reality.

Men who are unable to handle your strong opinions

As a strong woman, you have a strong opinion on every matter and you don’t tolerate weak men who are unable to accept it.

You accept every criticism and you’re always willing to work on yourself but you will certainly not change your opinions just to satisfy their ego.

You stand behind everything you do and say and you appreciate what other people have to share with you.

But you will never, ever let a man judge you for something that you’re not guilty of.

You will never change your mind just to appease their selfishness.

Men who think you will dance to their tune

If there’s one thing that a strong woman has never even considered doing, that is dancing to other people’s tunes.

Those men who think that you will jump every time they call you or that you will wait for them forever, you simply don’t tolerate.

And if they are not okay with it, they can screw themselves.

Dancing to their tune is something you would never do no matter what and if they haven’t realized it by now, then there’s definitely something wrong with them.

Men who don’t know what they want

A man who doesn’t know what he wants is a strong woman’s biggest nightmare.

You can’t stand his insecurity or overthinking, let alone his attempt to waste your precious time.

If you even suspect that you’re dealing with an indecisive man, you simply delete them from your life and continue living free of all toxicity.

And when they finally realize what they lost while being indecisive, you don’t give them another chance because they’ve already proven to you that they will never be strong enough to be with you and invest in your relationship as you are.