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6 Reasons Why Men Who Cheat Are Emotionally Immature

6 Reasons Why Men Who Cheat Are Emotionally Immature

The only way in which they can measure their worth is the number of women they sleep with

Emotionally immature men have low self-esteem.

They need a source outside of themselves that will show they are worthy, and the number of women they sweep of their feet is just that.

They like to brag about it to their friends.

As they tell stories of their conquests, they grow bigger in the eyes of their ‘just as emotionally immature’ friends and in their own eyes.

That’s how they maintain power

One of the main fears of emotionally immature men is that they might be cuckolded by some other guy.

They would be so humiliated if they were the ones who are cheated on.

They can’t even handle the thought of it. So in their own minds, it’s better to cheat than to be cheated on. That’s their way of maintaining control.

They are unable to take the blame

Nothing is ever their fault. No matter what they do to the person they are with, they will never admit it—not to their partners and not to themselves.

They’ve gotten so good at playing the victim that they believe their own lies. They are good with their words, too, and they can spin every story to their advantage.

It’s the same with cheating. They will say that something in their partner’s behavior made them do it.

They will say whatever it takes really to justify their actions.

They are addicted to drama

Peaceful, meaningful and committed relationships are something they don’t quite understand. If they are not playing games, they are bored.

Taking women on emotional rollercoaster rides is what gets their blood pumping.

They feel the adrenaline rush when everything is filled with uncertainty.

Dating multiple women at the same time is the best way in which they can achieve that.

It makes things more interesting to them, and they don’t care who they hurt in the process.

They get a rash every time they hear the word ‘commitment’

By default, emotionally immature men are commitment-phobes.

When they feel things are getting a bit more serious, they will pull away immediately.

They will run, and their closest refuge will be some other woman’s arms and bed.

They are a living paradox. They don’t want to commit, but they don’t want to be alone either.

That’s why they wander this world trying to figure out who they are and what they want from life and love, leaving casualties of their emotional immaturity all around.

They only care about meeting their own needs

They are self-absorbed. In a way, they believe that everything revolves around them, so they only see things from their viewpoint.

They don’t really take other people’s feelings into consideration.

They resort to cheating not only because they are boosting their egos in their way but also because they think with their other head.

They are guided by their sexual desires and nothing more.