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7 Ways To Tell If You’ve Been Single Forever

7 Ways To Tell If You’ve Been Single Forever

Has anyone ever told you that they feel like they’ve been single forever, or do you feel that way? But, what does it even mean to be single forever?

Many people have a negative understanding of it.

They immediately think of an antisocial person who has become a couch potato, but the truth is that being single forever is more about enjoying having time for yourself and focusing on other things, instead of desperately chasing love.

I guess that’s a pretty good definition of being single (forever).

I think there’s nothing wrong with your couch being your favorite place in the world for the time being, because if that’s what brings you joy at the moment, then why not?

The phrase “being single forever” doesn’t mean that you will never find anyone and that you’ll die alone on your couch waiting for the One.

Being single forever” means seeing things differently and having the courage to live a life where you don’t give a shit about the rules or what other people will think – where you’re not anxious about dating.

And here are 7 ways to tell if this status is where you’re at right now!

1. You enjoy your routine

You come home from work and the first thing you do is open the fridge and realize that you have no time or energy to cook anything.

Instead, you order a pizza without feeling regret and you indulge in an entire bucket of ice cream.

You spend lots of your time on the couch watching your favorite TV shows and you enjoy every single second of it.

To you, it is better to spend time watching other people dealing with love, betrayal, and other drama than to be the one going through it.

You enjoy your routine and how things are at the moment, and no one or nothing can change your mind about it.

2. You don’t give a damn about the rules imposed by society

7 Ways To Tell If You’ve Been Single Forever

You couldn’t give less of a damn about that famous sequence: finish college, find the guy, get married, have children.

You have your own wishes and your own life sequence, and society and other people who obey the rules can simply kiss your ass.

If you want to watch TV shows for the rest of your life, you’ll do it. If you want to enjoy single life without having a guilty conscience about it, you’ll do it.

You couldn’t care less about what is expected of you because you know that you’re the one living your life – not others.

3. Your friends and family have stopped asking you questions about your love life

7 Ways To Tell If You’ve Been Single Forever

Not so long ago, your friends and family were constantly asking you questions like: When you will start dating again?

Do you like that guy? What are your plans for the future?

And your inevitable answer would be: None of your business. But, now things have changed.

Your friends and family have realized that you’re living your best life and they no longer push you or ask you unnecessary questions regarding your love life.

4. You couldn’t care less about dating

7 Ways To Tell If You’ve Been Single Forever

When you think about dating, the first thing that pops into your mind is “waste of time.”

You can’t get over all those previous dates you’ve been on because in your head, it was just wasted effort. And you certainly don’t want to do that again.

You have fun in other ways and dating is certainly not an option.

You enjoy going out for drinks with your friends, you indulge in your hobbies, your job, spending time with your family, cuddling with your pet, and whatever else your mood dictates at the time.

And if that means being single forever, then fuck it – you’d rather be single forever than miserable while dating.

5. You’ve become a planner

7 Ways To Tell If You’ve Been Single Forever

You know exactly what you want and you will not accept anything less.

You have perfectly devised plan for the future and for the days following, and these plans don’t include chasing immature guys or fuckboys.

You are determined to stay single forever until you meet the one who is worthy of being with you. Period.

6. You’re no longer a hopeless romantic

7 Ways To Tell If You’ve Been Single Forever

Before, you used to melt at all of these romantic scenes in the movies where they hug and kiss all the time, hold each other’s hands, and never fight.

But, today you’re no longer a hopeless romantic and you’re certainly not going out of your way to experience this kind of romance with fake guys.

You still believe in love, but you’re not a hopeless romantic. You’re no longer a naive girl who believes in fairy tales.

If they really want you, you expect to see their effort. And until you see it, you will enjoy the title of being single (forever).

7. You’re happy this way

7 Ways To Tell If You’ve Been Single Forever

You don’t understand why people think that you’re miserable or unhappy with your single life.

Being single forever doesn’t mean being unhappy. You’re having the time of your life and you couldn’t give a toss about what others think of it.

You’re happy being single and you have no need to explain yourself to others.

7 Ways To Tell If You’ve Been Single Forever